Friday, 23 March 2012

Preparing Ultramarine Terminators for paint

It has been a slow week hobby wise. Most of my free time was spent glued to Steve Parker's page-turner i.e. Rynn's World i.e. the first in Black Library's Space Marine Battles novel series ... a book about the Crimson Fists Space Marine Chapter that I bought two-years ago! Having just got around to reading it, I haven't been able to put the novel down long enough to do any proper painting.

Reason for an unproductive hobby week.

All I managed to do was to add to the number of Assault on Black Reach (AOBR) miniatures undercoated so far, i.e. five Ultramarine Terminators has joined the ranks of five Ork Nobz and 10 Ork Boyz that were painted with a black undercoat quite sometime ago.

Fresh off the assembly line
Skull White undercoat ... check
AOBR Ork Nobz that were supposed to be painted together with Ghazghkull Thraka
Ork Boyz still in their undercoats
So technically, I have three armies on my plate namely the Ultramarines, Orks and Black Legion Chaos army. While this will definitely slow me down in terms of getting an army up and running, it will however make the painting sessions less monotonous. That can only be a good thing in the long run ... I hope so anyway.


  1. No worry man... I just acquire another battle box and rhino thingy (with another rhino booked), it's like 1 n half year ago allllllll over again, I gotta (re)start from ground up =p Let's paint all the unpainted stuff together and hope that we will see each other on the table one day =D

    ps: huh? what is the lumpy thingy in the corner of termi base?

  2. Yep ... hopefully we will meet in battle one day! =)

    Those lumpy things in the corner ... if my guess is right ... are spent bolter shells and a broken skull.

  3. That book is a good read. Have really tempted to start the chapter after reading it. Not sure if we anyone in the community that have done them...hmmmm

    And both you guys should really set a date to have a game together :)
    I'll take pics.


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