Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Berzerkers basecoated

Black Legion Khorne Berzerkers' basecoats are finally done

Basecoating these miniatures en masse has, at times, been a tiresome process. While this factory assembly line approach to painting is certainly a quicker and more efficient way to paint a squad of miniatures, the method does have one serious drawback. Nothing spells BOREDOM more than having to paint the same colour on the same parts, again and again. That being said, it does help a noob like me paint faster so ... as a commissar would probably say ... suck it up soldier.         

As mentioned in earlier blogs, a detailed how-to-paint-Khorne-Berzerkers will eventually be compiled. For now, a quick step-by-step guide to what has been done so far can be seen below.

All the non-gold metal parts were given a layer of Boltgun Metal and a wash of Badab Black.
Gold metal parts were given a basecoat comprising a 1:1 mix of Scorched Brown and Dwarf Bronze
Finally, miscellanous parts were basecoated - eyes were painted with Dark Angel Green; chainsword tassel with Mechrite Red; leather straps with Scorched Brown; and.teeth on the helmet were eventually painted as non-gold metal parts

While working on the Berzerker squad's Skull Champion, I got an idea to also do a how-to-paint guide for the champion's power sword. Its going to be an obsidian blade with what hopefully will be a sinister-like green glow. If it fails ... we could call it the Nickelodeon sword. Word up?

Sneak peek of what will become a LEGEN ... wait for it ... DARY sword

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays

May your Xmas surprises be merry ones,
May you be safe in the company of loved ones for the holidays,
May your new year be better than the last,
May you be well and happy.

P.S. A BIG thank you to my wife for making the little santa hats for my miniatures. =)

Saturday, 10 December 2011

A slight detour to ... a galaxy far far away

They are still miniatures and it's still sci-fi ... but of a different kind. After a morning appointment at a local mall, I came across a mini-exhibition on Star Wars Lego miniatures. They looked rather cool so I snapped a few pictures for the blog. I am more of a Star Trek fan but Star Wars still holds a special place in my heart. Star Wars was the first sci-fi I ever saw as a kid together with those old black-and-white Flash Gordon TV series (Yes, I am that old). Reading Issac Asimov's Foundation books strengthened my love for sci-fi (as Lord of the Rings did for fantasy) and Star Trek sealed it. GW's Warhammer 40K is the icing on me sci-fi cake.

I actually snapped a lot more pictures than is displayed in this blog entry. But being the geeky nerd that I am, I probably messed up some of the photo-taking cause they were not saved on my mobile phone camera's memory card. Oh well ... to the pictures that did make it from warp.

Battle for Hoth
These, I thought, were the best of the miniatures on display. I am bit bias here as Empire Strikes Back was IMHO the best Star Wars movie ever made.

Imperial Landing
A scene synonymous with Lord Vader's signature theme. If look carefully, you can see that one of the imperial guards has fallen flat on his face.

Battle for Endor
Ewoks ... the less said the better.

Home of a young Skywalker.

Clone Wars
Why Lucas why ... did you have to spoil the romanticism of Star Wars with CGI !!!

That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Monday, 5 December 2011

A sign from the Skull Throne

Khorne is displeased with the progress of his berzerker squad. A not too subtle sign in the form of a broken paint brush is the blood god's way of saying paint faster or else ... =)

So what has another week brought me? Well, the painstakingly slow process of painting multiple thin layers of Scab Red means only the basecoat for the berzerkers' armour have been completed. But at least I managed to tinker with some alternative lighting in order to brighten up the photos I had been taking. Budget constraints has put the IKEA lamp out of reach for the foreseeable future so I did the best with what I had in hand.

First, I used natural sunlight as a light source.

Then, I tried taking the picture using a car-emergency-kit as a light source.

For a future 'How-to-paint-Khorne-Berzerkers' tutorial that I plan to put up later, I decided to go with the second method of lighting. The following pictures are sort of a sneak-preview of what's to come later. I put them up mainly to show the huge difference additional lighting had contributed towards picture quality. On my previous blog entry, the pictures did not turn out too well due to bad lighting.

A behind-the-scenes look at my temporary lighting solution in-lieu of a proper work lamp.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. =)

Next up for painting will be the zerkers' metal parts (both gold and non-gold). With my son at his cousins' place for a couple of days due to the school holidays ... I should make slightly better progress at painting. But that's if I can get off my lazy arse and stop watching 'Supernatural' and 'The Walking Dead' marathon sessions on TV. Going slightly off-topic ... the ending of Walking Dead (Season 2) gave me massive goosebumps and spooked me no end. Superb writing for the series. Anyway ... back to the forges ... Khorne demands it.
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