Saturday, 28 July 2012

Ork Nobz (AOBR) Completed

Finally ... the Ork Nobz from the Assault on Black Reach (AOBR) set is done. I am slowly getting better at painting Orks, so hopefully the paint job on my upcoming second squad of Ork Nobz (non-AOBR) will be an improvement from these guys below.

Definitely not the Famous Five that Enid Blyton envisioned!
We are green and mean ...
Three's a company
Ork Nobz clashing with Ultramarine Terminators

Fixing my mistakes
Miniatures from the AOBR set are easier to assemble than the normal miniatures. But unfortunately for me, I accidentally broke the plastic bit on the head that connected to the body. Result being the surfaces between the body and head became too uneven to glue together. Thankfully, it's nothing a drill and a simple paper clip couldn't solve though.

Practising freehand designs
Based on the rough design on the shoulder pad below, it will take a lot more practise before I can paint/draw good freehand designs. Any advice for a "free-hand" noob would be welcome. Hopefully it's not a "you either have it or you don't" kind of skill.

Black flames were a bit rough on the edges
Getting more confident painting the checkered design

Finally I leave you with a picture that was painful in so many ways ...

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Orks, orks and more orks

Remember the famous line from Haley Joel Osment in the movie Sixth Sense, “I see dead people”.
Well, I see orks everywhere on my workstation, in different stages of completion – some are partially-painted, most semi-assembled, the majority have only been undercoated black and yet more of them are still just in their boxes.

Over the past few weeks, I did however manage to get one measly Ork Nobz from the Assault on Black Reach set done up. The many details of an ork miniature kinda slows down my paint speed. Delightful to paint but extremely time consuming to get done. Took some pictures of it with a Canon EOS 650D + Tamron SP AF 90mm f/2.8 Di Macro Lens.


Still getting to grips with the camera so photos should get better over time. Currently I am just snapping away using the macro function with manual focus without bothering too much with the apreture and ISO settings. As coincidence would have it, my camera phone sort of went “kaput” within days of me getting access to the DSLR and macro lens. For some reason, the camera phone can now no longer save to an external memory. If I didn't know any better, one would think it was throwing a hissy fit.

Wasn't sure I could properly paint the details with the Ork Lootas fully assembled

It was really difficult to position the ork's left hand above the big shoota

Ork Trukk driver ... insists the other orks call him Takumi-san

Ork Trukk was a real blast to assemble. Really had fun with it. Still missing the boarding planks that I plan to attach later

There are 10 Ork boyz and 3 Deffkoptas still in their undercoats awaiting further paints

Being able to get my hands on one of the cheaper macro lenses on the market (i.e. the Tamron macro lens) also allowed me to mess around with some close-up shots and do the below mini-tutorial on How To Paint Ork Skin (Version 1).

Basecoat of Orkhide Shade was painted over the Chaos Black undercoat and given a wash of Devlan Mud

A mid-tone of Knorloc Green was painted on the raised areas leaving some Orkhide Shade showing on the recesses

A highlight layer of 1:1 Knarloc Green : Goblin Green was painted leaving some of the mid-tone layer showing

Extreme higlights were painted on the upper-most raised areas using a 1:1:1 mix of Knarloc Green:Goblin Green:Bleached Bone

Finished with a wash of Thraka Green
I haven't gotten around to using the new Citadel Paints yet. Was thinking to do that on a brand new Hobbit project that I am contemplating.
On the whole, it might not seem like a whole lot of progress. But slowly and surely, the ork army
is starting to gain some momentum. It’s going to be tough trying to squeeze in some Chaos army
miniatures to the hobby timetable but priority has been set to building my son’s army.

If they ever make a Hollywood version of a Warhammer 40K movie, maybe they should hire Haley
Joel Osment to be an Imperial Guard with a line that goes “I see dead orks”. Cringe … ouch … lame I know … heh heh. =) =P

As always, I truly appreciate the support and comments. I leave you with a macro shot I was able to take while messing around with the Tamron lens.

Franky of One Piece fame

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