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Finger dexterity exercises to paint better
Hi! My name is Kuan Hua also known as FourEyedMonster. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am a freelance blogger, writer, editor, author as well a miniature painting enthusiast based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

My interests in miniatures are not restricted to just the painting aspect of the hobby but also includes related-interests like macro photography, the lore behind the miniatures (reading and writing them), the music that I paint to as well as board games with paintable minis. 

By writing this blog, I hope to share with you my experiences and knowledge in the miniature hobby.

5 geeky things about me you might wish you had never known
1. I am a huge sci-fi and fantasy fan.
Mention anything remotely related to a well-crafted and in-depth science fiction/fantasy universeand I will bore you to tears with every bit of genre-related trivia I know about the lore behind the Warhammer40K/Horus Heresy; Star Trek; Star Wars and Lord of the Rings universes.     

2. I was a trained biochemist
A what you say? Yep, you heard right. Left the university armed with knowledge on how to analyse DNA and enzymes but ended up working in a bookstore instead. Go figure. Since then, and an MBA later, I have been a bond analyst, central banker, businessman, and editor, among others. 

3. I am a published author
It was only a high school (or secondary school in most Commonwealth nations) level science teaching aid, but hey, it's still a book. Other than freelance pieces to newspapers, magazines and corporates, I have yet to achieve my aim of getting a commission to write a novel or short story
4. I simply adore the Blues
Achingly beautiful music - the type that wrenches your heart out, throws it to the ground, steps on it and then some, shoves it back to into your soul, and leaves you begging for more. Having grown to love the blues as I age (very early 40s if you must know), I hope to share that love in my posts.

5. I am a history-buff
If it's about historical warfare be it ancient and medieval times; WWII or the American civil war (just to name a few), then I will be all over it - devouring any info about this turbulent period. So if I ramble on about some Welsh rebellion against the English kings of old - just bear with me. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you will have as much fun reading my blog as I do creating it. 

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