Saturday, 17 March 2012

How to paint a Chaos Rhino Interior

My version of a Warhammer 40K Chaos Rhino interior was painted based upon the assumption no conversions were carried out on the transport model i.e. the side and top hatch doors remain glued shut. Once the model is completed, the interior's only light source would come from the back door ramp which can be opened. This means the interior would be darkly lit so the paint scheme generally gravitated towards more brighter colours to compensate AND not much attention was paid to details save for what could be seen from the angle of the back door.

Undercoat: Chaos Rhino interior was given an undercoat of Skull White. With such a bright undercoat, any subsequent paint layers with translucent properties would look brighter.

Basecoat: Ceiling, top/side hatch doors, back door ramp, left/right side of the Rhino interior were given a basecoat of Bleached Bone, which was applied in two watered-down layers.Other parts of the interior given a basecoat include bolter and metal pipe (Boltgun Metal); computer screens (Chaos Black); computer buttons (Codex Grey); base for warp-spawn (Charadon Granite); warp-spawn's face and seats (Scab Red); and the interior's floor (Khemri Brown).

Wash: Ceiling, top/side hatch doors, left/right side of the Rhino interior were given a wash of Gryphonne Sepia along the edges and shadows; bolter and metal pipe (Badab Black); back door ramp and floor (mixture of Devlan Mud and Badab Black).
Some Chaos symbols were also drawn free-hand on the left and right walls of the interior and given a wash of Gryphonne Sepia.

After basecoats and a wash
Midtones, highlights and some free-hand drawings added
Midtones and Highlights: Of all the parts on the interior, most attention was paid to the instrument panel as it would be the main focus of someone looking into the Rhino interior. 

Computer screens were given a watered-down layer of Orkhide Shade to stimulate a fluorescence effect. Free-hand drawings of computer readouts such as radar, sinus wave etc were applied using Scorpion Green. After that, a wash of Thraka Green was applied to the screens. The warp-spawn's face was given a midtone layer of Red Gore and two highlights i.e. a 1:1 Red Gore:Blood Red highlight followed by a pure Blood Red highlight. Buttons at the instrument panel were given an extra wash of Gryphonne Sepia while the bolter was highlighted with Chainmail.

Assembly: All the separate parts were then glued together.
Chaos Rhino Interior - Front view with the top off
Chaos Rhino Interior - Left side view with the top off
Chaos Rhino Interior - Right side view with the top off
Chaos Rhino Interior - Front view with the top on
Chaos Rhino Interior - Left side view with the top on
Chaos Rhino Interior - Right side view with the top off
As this is my first try at assembling and painting a Warhammer 40K vehicle, I am pretty happy with the progress I have made. Slow and steady is the mantra I am adopting.

Khorne's price
While painting my Khorne Berzerkers I had a few broken brushes. Khorne's demand for his pound of flesh was no less in this case ... literally! My fingers were stuck to the miniature model with Super Glue for at least three times ... ouch, ouch and ouch. This being my first time assembling a Rhino, I kinda panicked at the gluing stage. Oh well ... the price has been paid. =)


  1. Actually, this color scheme is kinda bold, I like! Details like the chaos icon freehand, the screen and the weathering on the ramp looks awesome man!

    But one thing, the warp spawn face, I think after you glued shut the top, it looks less obvious... a little pity of that..

    re. I never broke a brush, worn out quite a handful though (mostly because I use cheap ass brush, just can't bite down the GW price =p I got my super fine brush @ RM2 on one of the nearby art shop, love it!), but green stuff stuck in fingernail, glue accident, hobby knife injury, or even better, the combo of formal is somehow unavoidable =p Well, it sorta serve as hobby scar that you can recount your battle with the miniature.

    1. Thanks limp! =)

      I do agree with you on the warp spawn face. On hindsight, I suppose I should have gone with a lighter colour for the warp spawn's base and not use Charadon Granite, which is too dark.

    2. the background colour is ok, the highlight for the warpspawn face needed more contrast..

    3. Thanks for the advice. =) I guess I should have painted brighter reds/oranges into the warp face. It's a good learning experience for me.

  2. You are a brave man to paint the inside of your rhino bro. The extra effort is worth it!! Looks good. Nice detail work on the display screens :)

    I'm with Limp on the brushes ;) two ringgit artpac brushes for me too hehe. Am a cheapskate....

    1. Thanks! More foolish than brave XD. Me too with the brushes ... I am currently using Artpac ones which cost less than RM2.

  3. Nice work! I really like the freehand symbols, little things like that really do go a long way.

    1. Thanks! =) Was glad I didn't completely botch up the job.

  4. Nice~ I'm still haven't bought a single vehicle yet. Can't wait to paint one.

    1. Post it up in your blog when you do and send me the blog link =) So far I have just read your Otaku blogs.


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