Wednesday, 14 March 2012

BBC story on Warhammer 40K

Thanks to a fellow blogger at Miniature Miscellany it has come to my attention that BBC News Magazine has written a story on Warhammer 40K. Do check out the cool story.

My favourite quote in the article ...
In Warcraft it's made so there are no bad guys. In Warhammer there are no good guys. They're all bad. It's a universe that's simultaneously nihilistic and joyous. - Warhammer fan and Marvel X-Men comic writer, Kieron Gillen


  1. With the prices for miniatures for warhammer40K i be surprise if the hobby is "not" for adults.

    I know some parents are generous unfortunately if i was a young kid again, I doubt my father will buy this kind of stuff for me.

    Then you consider all the work done assembly and painting. Yeah small kids hobby?

    1. Yah ... so true ... most kids won't have the patience to go through all that assembly and painting just to get to play with the miniatures. I suppose it would appeal to children who gravitate towards creative activites.


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