Monday, 12 March 2012

Father & son project ... take one!

It being the school holidays and all, I decided to proceed with a miniature painting project that had been in the works for a long time. So out came the very first ork boyz I had ever bought, and both my son and I had a real go at it. Taking it slow, we are concentrating just on the basecoats first. Being only nine-years-old, he did reasonably ok for a super impatient hyperactive kid!

Pa, what shaky hands you have!
Three basecoats done - Iyanden Darksun for armour, Boltgun Metal for metal parts and Orkhide Shade for skin.
Well, as you can see, I am not a very good teacher. But more importantly, I hope his desire to try and paint the miniatures will mean that he will cultivate some patience when doing things. Will try to post some progress pictures if we manage to continue with this project.

Upcoming 'How-To' blogs for fellow noobs
Hopefully, I can finish painting my Chaos Rhino transport interior in the following days and post a simple 'How-To' paint blog on it. I am also trying to compile my previous Khorne Berzerker pictures into a straightforward and coherent 'How-To' process, and hope to put that up soon as well.


  1. "Luke, I... am you father."

    Good on you, you have a official painting partner and potential gaming partner now =D

    1. It will be many years before he will have the patience to paint regularly or be able to play the tabletop game =)

      He likes W40K because he likes playing Dawn of War II.

  2. Cool project man :)!!!!

    U get my vote for hobby dad of the year :)
    All the best and hope u guys enjoy your time together :)

    And here's hoping he starts to visit the forgeworld site and wants a thunderhawk for his birthday hehehe

    1. Thanks man! XD So far so good but you know how fickle minded children can be nowadays. He is still more into PC/video games.


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