Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Star Trek Exhibition / Miniature Review

As highlighted in my previous blog post, a Star Trek Exhibition finally landed here at Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia. So is it worth the RM20 (US$6.50) admission price? Well ... yes and no.

Floor decal on the way to the exhibition proper
Banners showing the main characters and the Malaysian flag

If you are a die-hard Star Trek fan like me, then yes ... and only because we never had any exhibition of original Star Trek props before in KL. This is a golden opportunity to get to see some of the original props, costumes, scripts, replica of the Enterprise-D's bridge, transporter area, etc, etc. I was literally grinning from ear to ear like a kid in a candy store, looking at all the stuff on show. So if you're a Trekkie ... what are you waiting for ... go and see the exhibit now at the National Science Centre!

However, I kinda felt that the exhibit was way too short and I left wanting more, or more accurately, I left feeling there should have been much more to the exhibit than what was actually on show. If you aren't a fan, you would have left the exhibit thinking ... "what's all the fuss about Star Trek?"

Technically, taking pictures aren't allowed although that didn't stop many of the visitors from snapping away non-stop. I didn't really get to take much pictures and I don't want to spoil the excitement for future visitors by showing the pictures I took, so below is just some of the photos I took of miniatures ... in keeping with the theme of my blog. ^^

A Borg Sphere
Details on this miniature are simply mind boggling
This looks like the Enterprise B
Some miniature shuttles on display
A miniature replica of the Enterprise
FourEyedMonster revealed at long last ... that's me wishing you a long and prosperous life
Oh yes ... you can also take a three-picture set (for RM25) in which you can be in the original captain's chair (from the original series), in the deck of Enterprise-D and finally in the Transporter area. Those pictures are well worth it and I finally have one of my family and me in the deck of the Enterprise. How freakingly sweet is that! XD

One more thing - my previous blog had some official pictures showing Data's head and a big shuttle - both were NOT in the KL exhibition. As for the Ferengi, there was a miniature Ferengi ship as well as a Ferengi head on display. That's all for this post ... Live Long and Prosper!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Star Trek Heaven

Whoa … a Star Trek Exhibition in Malaysia … how awesome is that. It was recently reported in the local papers that Star Trek is coming to Kuala Lumpur, and the official site also states that there will be some official miniatures on show. How awesomely cool is that. ^^

As a self-confessed “trekkie” – some prefer “trekker” but I couldn’t care less either way as I am unashamed of my love for all things Star Trek – I hope I am able to make the trip to the National Science Centre before year-end to have a look at the really cool exhibits.
Below are some pictures that were displayed on the official site.

I am in Star Trek heaven. Hmmm … wonder if there are any Ferengi models on display.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Happy Holidays and New Year 2013

Time sure does fly. Before you know it, the seasonal year-end holidays is upon us once more.

Has peace come to a universe that knows only war?

Just wanted to wish everyone who has been reading my blogs peace and health for the holidays and may the new year bring happiness to you and your loved ones.

I leave you with a quote from The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien ... “Then something Tookish woke up inside him, and he wished to go and see the great mountains, and hear the pine-trees and the waterfalls, and explore the caves, and wear a sword instead of a walking-stick.”

May the Took in you lead your mind (and hands) to explore all the wonders of miniature painting.

Transmission was lost shortly after the picture of camaraderie was taken
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