Thursday, 3 November 2011

Squad anhrefn du lleng un

After some frustrating moments with the highlights and decals, the first five-man team in a future 10- to 15-marines chaos black legion squad is finally done.

I decided to go with Games Workshop's Chaos Wastelands base and added a mixture of Citadel Green Grass and GaleForce9's static grass. Was looking for a combination of green grasslands under initial corruption by chaos. Highlights not really noticeable from afar because the mixture of codex grey and chaos black had too much of the latter. 

Decals gave me a tough time ... tried using Mr.Mark Softer ... something I got for building my "One Piece Ship Model" (Its a Japanese Anime model), but the decals did not smooth down well. It kinda creased a little bit which was a real bummer. I also toned it down a little with some gryphonne sepia wash. The Alpha Legion shoulder decal markings look a bit muted but I suppose it would be preferable to it being to bright and yellow.

Well, its a start ... barely. I am currently assembling another five-man team, this time including the aspiring champion, icon bearer and two marines carrying speacial weapons. I have never played a game of W40K table top gaming before so am not sure which weapons would be good. For now I will likely go for a plasma gun and melta gun. They seem like safe bets ... at least I hope they are.


  1. Muahahaha dude, what's with the unreable squad name?

    Wow, you actually works on decal? Salute! I've never did a decal... truth be told, not sure how to do with it =p

    Not sure about special weapon though... but I guess you can always built an extra of one or two marine with different load out, so when you find that the current list is not effective, sneak in those to form a new list... or you could go more hardcore and magnetize all the weapon =D

    Gotta go assemble my remaining land raider/try to sculpt a head/make some base for my plaggie, ciao~~

  2. I was feeling bored and wondered how to title the blog so I went for Welsh for chaos black legion. Used to name my World of Warcraft characters in Welsh.

    Magnetising did occur to me but still taking baby steps ... magnets seem like what a pro-hobbyist would do. Me = Nooby =)

  3. Those are nice dude! They look great!!

    Well done on completing yr first foul traitorous marine squad :) You truly are on path to the dark side hehe.

    The decals don't look too bad. If you want we can meet again at HF and we'll go through some steps that can make decals adhere better. Not that i'm an expert but what little i know i'll share. Plus Alvin is always on hand to give some pointers.

    Well done again man!!! keep on hoobying!!!

    Remember....inspirations breeds :)


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