Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Primed and ready for painting

It has been an unproductive two weeks, painting-wise. I did, however, manage to semi-assemble and prime the following miniatures:

Five chaos space marines and (including an aspiring champions with power fist and plasma gun; one marine with a melta gun and another with a plasma gun).

Eight Khorne Berzerkers (including a skull champion with a plasma pistol and power sword).

Ten ork boyz (armed with just sluggas and choppas).

Unfortunately, the can of spray paint already feels so much lighter. I hope I will have enough to paint up the Chaos Rhino, Land Raider AND Defiler before the can runs dry (fingers crossed). The spray paint gives a more even coat of paint which always a good thing for vehicles.

All thats left to do with these miniatures is to paint on a coat of watered-down chaos black from the pot to cover the spots that I did not manage to hit with the spray can. After that ... its time to countinue painting. =)

Main focus of my painting over the coming weeks will be on the chaos army with some orks to break up the monotony. Might even try to finally assemble the Rhino transport in between the painting sessions.

Must phsych myself up ..... Gambatte! (Do your best) Jiayu! (Be stronger) 

Oh well, you know what they say about the best laid plans ....


  1. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!(I yell this for the zerkers)

    I've never used GW spray paint =p Just can't bite down my teeth and pay like 10 times the price (compare to cap-palang spray paint out there) to get a can for myself~_~ But I had to admit, from the chaos black pot result that I get, the flat dull black result cant really be imitate with those 6-10 ringgits cheap spray can... One thing to share, I don't know about GW spray paint, but the base coat on a few pieces of mine does happen to peel off due to some "superglue accident" and "drybrush too hard accident", so I guess if you pay peanut, you get monkey, some spray paint just doesn't hold onto plastic that well.

    Nowaday I just use spray paint on larger piece (vehicle) or just give a thin spray for normal piece and then touch up one by one using brush and thinned down chaos black from the pot.

    You had primed quite alot of models, should last you a long while, it takes me almost a year and I've yet to possess a fully painted playable army~_~ so take your time, don't rush it and don't pressure yourself on this man~~ slow and steady is the way to go, see, even in 40k rulebook there's a rule named "slow and purposeful", kekekeke

    ps: just got myself The First Heretic (reading this, not bad at all!), Prospero Burn and A Thousand Sons (Horus Heresy Novel) and found like 3-4 old white dwarf from those secondhand magazine store, ah, finally I've got some quality reading material while travel to work in LRT =D

  2. The First Heretic is my favorite in the series!!!
    I just love it!!! Must read for 40k nuts hehe.

    Progress however small is still progress dude so well done priming all those models.

    Gambatei kudasai!!!

  3. Thanks guys! I really appreciate the support and encouragement. It's an extra push for a noob like me to get things going in the hobby.

    In the Horus Heresy series, I only finished book 8 (Battle for the Abyss) a couple of months ago. I am slowly savouring the series =)

    My favourite ever Warmammer/W40K book so far is "Palace of the Plague Lord" by C.L. Werner. At least, its the one whose ending has been burned into my mind.


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