Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Getting organised

The more I paint, the more I realise just how much this hobby rocks. With that realisation also comes an epiphany, if you will, of what this hobby will entail. For one, my current workstation is a temp one located in the master bedroom (I don't know how my missus puts up with me but she does, bless her) and I will need to eventually find a proper place in the house to paint and work on the hobby.

For now, I am going about getting things organised first.

Paint pots have finally been placed in a small plastic drawer/shelf thingy. It's also a great mood setter cause looking at all the paint pots just makes me want to paint.

Previously, I was also haphazardly working on some models without a proper plan. Now thanks to an inspiring discussion about the hobby with a fellow hobbyist who blogs at thewildhost.blogspot.com I have decided to organise my assembling process into little 'manufactorums'.

However, manufactorum output is still unsatisfactory with the chaos marines and orks being produced at 37.5% and 31.25% capacity respectively. If only both armies had commissars ... the factory manager needs to be made an example of ... heh heh.

I haven't done much painting lately but I did get to play with the liquid green stuff.

It was fairly easy to use. By using a small brush, I managed to fill up a huge gap in this ork boyz's left shoulder. It's funny how GW gets to sell products to cover up manufacturing defects whereas lets say in the case of a Japanese/Korean factory, such defects may end up in a reject pile. Oh well ... gotta hand it to GW ... they sure know how to make more moolah!


  1. hahaha u've even got yr progress down in percentages:)

    Let me guess...u used to be a data scribe?

    I've got to give those new green stuff a try..how long does it take for them to fully cure?

  2. @Khairul ... Not too sure how long it took to cure. I just filled up the gap and put it aside as I wasn't going to prime it yet. The green stuff has the consistency of very thick tomato ketchup but since its in liquid state I suppose it should take longer than the solid putty.

    Data scribe? Hmmm ... was an analyst once in the many hats that I wore ... does that count? heh heh

  3. did Khairul told you how he got that little manifactorums idea from?

    the liquid green stuff takes the same amount of time as normal green stuff to cure, roughly 1-2 hours..
    but don't leave it open too long, they'll dry up much faster than your normal paints..

    good to see you're progressing well in the hobby..both of us doesn't have something that Khairul does though: a dedicated hobby room..

  4. @Vuel ... Khairul mentioned something about factory assembly lines if I am not mistaken. I had initially thought of using the plastic boxes to store paint pots. Later, I noticed they could store miniatures fairly well too.

    Heh heh ... I am like a sponge learning from all of you experts, every little bit of info no matter how trivial is an eye-opener to me! =)

    Hmmm 1-2 hours ... thanks for the info. By the way, Vuel ... did you use a brush to apply the liquid green stuff?

  5. yes, practically it's just like applying normal paint..except you gotta clean your brush as soon as possible, thoroughly..else, you'll ruin it..
    tip: use a cheap brush..

    when you talk with Khairul, Toyota will not be far behind ;p


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