Sunday, 27 November 2011

Mini-anniversary ... progress so far and a future project

Exactly four months ago, to the day, I began my journey into the world of miniature painting. In this mini-anniversary of sorts, I find myself looking back at that fateful day which has resulted in me spending many long hours hunched over a table with a paint brush in hand, miniature models up close to my eyes (thanks to a bummer combination of short-sightedness and middle-age), paint all over my hands as well as aching shoulders. BUT it has been absolutely worth it! 

It started innocently enough. Having been a long-time fan of Black Library’s Warhammer 40K publications, I decided to find out more about the lore and background story of the sci-fi novels I had been reading. That brings me back to July 27, the day I bought a copy of the Warhammer 40K Rulebook. Flipping through the pages, I found my eyes invariably drawn to the beautifully painted models instead of reading the lore that I had initially sought. I was hooked … the rest is history.

Painting miniatures is a great stress-reliever. After a hectic day at work, it’s always nice to lose oneself for awhile in the hobby. Moreover, I am very lucky in that some fellow hobbyists have been very helpful and supportive of my attempts at miniature painting. That has inspired me to work at becoming a better and faster painter.

So after four months and only 12 fully painted miniatures, I decided to take stock of my situation and see what the future holds for me in the coming months.

Progress so far ...
Firstly, my main priority is to complete the Chaos Space Marine and Ork armies. On that front, progress has been slow over the past three weeks. Using watered-down Chaos Black, I finally managed to fully undercoat my Khorne Berzerkers.

Following this, I applied a basecoat of Scab Red on the armour of one the ‘zerkers using a ‘Eavy Metal technique I read about. For the benefit of fellow noobs that may be reading my blog – the ‘Eavy Metal team is a group of expert painters from Games Workshop.

In this case, the basecoat comprised up to five or more, very thin coats of Scab Red. The reason I did this, instead of using just one thick coat of paint, was to ensure an even and smoothly-coloured basecoat. It worked but was rather time consuming process. One ‘zerker’s armour basecoat finished … just seven to go. O_O 
Anyway, when I am done, I will be compiling it into a step-by-step how-to-paint guide.

Future project ... Citadel Finecast
For future projects, I got a great idea for a blog topic from Alvin of HobbyForge. He suggested I do a blog on a Finecast model project. So far, I have only worked with plastic models so it will definitely be a challenge to work on Finecast’s resin models.

Over the past four months, I have managed to amass a collection of Finecast models, all of which I have yet to do any work on.

But a recent acquisition from Hobby Forge i.e. Ghazghkull Thraka has given me the confidence to finally assemble and paint a Finecast model. It’s the biggest model of all the Finecast models that I have, so it should be the easiest one for a beginner to work with … I think. 

So coming soon are blog entries on the trial and tribulations of a noob’s work on a Finecast model … warts and all. Should be good for a laugh =)

Well, that concludes my lengthiest blog entry yet. Hopefully my future blogs will have more pictures and less blah blah blah ...  


  1. Hey dude, just checking, what color scheme did you plan to do for the zerkers?

  2. Happy mini-anniversay man!!!

    Glad you're enjoying the hobby :)
    I can't agree more with u that its a great stress reliver hehe.

    I wish i could hunch down on a painting table all day and get paid for it...some people are just so lucky huh ;)

    You're really doing very well for someone who just started. You'll be painting masterpieces before you know it :)Keep on hobbying!!!

    The finecast idea is really good. Go for it!!!

  3. you're doing well, but be careful of buying more than you can't paint..

  4. @me aka limp ... I am not doing anything too ambitious. The colour scheme I am going for will be based on GW's online how-to-paint Khorne Berzerkers guide but with slight differences. For one, the gold will be more muted and the highlights will painted on ork-style i.e. more layered rather than sharp edges. Once everything is done, I hope to compile it into a step-by-step how-to guide.

    @Khairul ... Thanks man! You have been super supportive and I appreciate it! =) I hope to document all the mistakes I make along the way on the finecast project thingy so that fellow noobs will not repeat the mistakes I will most likely make.

    @Vuel ... heh heh, you are so right. During the past four months, I have been saving up wherever I could (=eating less) and buying more models than I can paint. Well, funds will a bit tighter these coming months so the good thing is I will be painting most of what I have first before getting other stuff. The oblits I got from you are still unpainted!!!

    All in all ... thanks guys for the help and advice. It's not often your find your fellow hobbyists so supportive of a noob. Domo arigato.

  5. Nice blog post!

    I like your pictures too, kinda hoped for it to be a little brighter, but hey, it works.

    Waiting to see your next update.

  6. @Alvin ... I completely agree with you. The pictures should be much brighter. Sadly, for moment anyway, I am taking the pictures in a not so brightly-lit room. Plan to get the IKEA lamp I have my eye on once I get sorted ... funds-wise.

    I am thinking of alternatives i.e. taking the pictures during day-time or perhaps putting the models on a box so that they are nearer the ceiling light source. Something for me to figure out in the coming weeks I guess.

    Enjoy your holidays Alvin!!! =)


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