Thursday, 27 October 2011

Waaagh! Meet Ugg and Ogg ...

Fnished painting the first two ork boyz today. They are essentially complete with perhaps some highlighting on the leather yet to be done. They are the first pair in a potential army of 40+ ork boyz horde.

For Ugg (picture, left) I tried my hand at battle damage on his helmet.

I also tried to do some bad moon markings on Ugg's right shoulder armour. It didn't come off too well as the wavy black flames were not consistent and were leaning in all directions.

Leather on the back still need some highlights but not too sure what to use on a calthan brown base. Did a bit of snakebite leather on the upper shoulder straps (not too noticebale in the picture) but it seemed too much of a contrast.

Footnote: One whole pot of goblin green was sacrificed in the making of Ugg and Ogg! Unfortunately for me, the paint was not used on them. Instead, through a freakish combination of clumsiness and lost of focus, I "catapulted" 2/3 of the paint in the pot up into the air and all over my hands AND then proceeded to drop the pot and lost almost all the remaining third of paint. My arms, hand and fingers were completely covered in green ... should have snapped a picture but was to angry at the time. =P

I have primed another 2 orks as a project for my son and me. They are both similar-looking so I guess it will be easier for him to follow my steps as I paint. Not too sure how to go about teaching him miniature painting as I am no expert myself. Moreover, he has the attention span of spongebob squarepants so it will be tough to get him to focus. =) If any of you guys have experience teaching young kids how to paint miniatures, any tips would be most appreciated.

These orks were primed before I got my hand of a can of citadel chaos black spray paint. I had used Krylon Fusion Spray Paint. but personally I was not too happy with the result as it seemed powdery. I guess it was due to the paint-plastic bonding process.


  1. You're on some serious hobby run dude :)

    Those orks look nasty. Good that you're experimenting with highlights and washes. For orks i'd think that u can do with some messiness aka oil stains and all.

    Good progress man!!!

    Btw how old is your son? Mine's 11 this year and have tried to get him started but he doesn't quite enjoy the painting part yet :(

  2. @khairul ... my son just turned 8 last week. I think he might be a tad too young for the hobby but he loves W40K cause he plays Dawn of War II with his fav units orks and eldar. He keeps asking me when he can paint the orks but I am worried he will get frustrated when we eventually get started. Heh heh ... at least both of us are trying to keep the hobby alive in the next gen.

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