Monday, 5 December 2011

A sign from the Skull Throne

Khorne is displeased with the progress of his berzerker squad. A not too subtle sign in the form of a broken paint brush is the blood god's way of saying paint faster or else ... =)

So what has another week brought me? Well, the painstakingly slow process of painting multiple thin layers of Scab Red means only the basecoat for the berzerkers' armour have been completed. But at least I managed to tinker with some alternative lighting in order to brighten up the photos I had been taking. Budget constraints has put the IKEA lamp out of reach for the foreseeable future so I did the best with what I had in hand.

First, I used natural sunlight as a light source.

Then, I tried taking the picture using a car-emergency-kit as a light source.

For a future 'How-to-paint-Khorne-Berzerkers' tutorial that I plan to put up later, I decided to go with the second method of lighting. The following pictures are sort of a sneak-preview of what's to come later. I put them up mainly to show the huge difference additional lighting had contributed towards picture quality. On my previous blog entry, the pictures did not turn out too well due to bad lighting.

A behind-the-scenes look at my temporary lighting solution in-lieu of a proper work lamp.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. =)

Next up for painting will be the zerkers' metal parts (both gold and non-gold). With my son at his cousins' place for a couple of days due to the school holidays ... I should make slightly better progress at painting. But that's if I can get off my lazy arse and stop watching 'Supernatural' and 'The Walking Dead' marathon sessions on TV. Going slightly off-topic ... the ending of Walking Dead (Season 2) gave me massive goosebumps and spooked me no end. Superb writing for the series. Anyway ... back to the forges ... Khorne demands it.


  1. Hahaha personally, i've never experienced a broken paintbrush. Those must be faulty brushes man..or as u said hehe.

    Nice try on improving your pics. Can the plastic cover on yr energizer be opened so that u get direct light source...or is it assemble together with the bulp?

    Plus, get off the tv dude :). I get arzmi to download tv series and watch/listen on my laptop while i paint. 2 in 1 hehe.


    Khairul, I remember you mentioned put the light on the side while took picture, FEM, maybe you can try that?

    As for table lamp, maybe you could consider cheaper alternative @ jusco/parkson/carrefour/ etc? Just make sure you brought the right bulb (white color...normally it's RM 10 something, I've got mine in Jusco, but never really put it to use, the power cord is just too short T_T

    (Ah Energizer, my old man used to work for that company, heard that they are switching to shaving device...)

    Lookin forward for the tutorial =) Have fun!

  3. @Khairul ... never thought of opening the cover on the energizer lamp. Good idea. Not sure if I can remove the cover without breaking it though ... worth investigating. As for the broken brush, Yah ... cheap double 0 brush ... only RM1 something ... heh heh.

    @limp ... have not checked out Jusco yet ... might have a look there later. Thanks for tip. There was an IKEA lamp that was similar to Khairul's and it was only RM45 BUT it has a wall-mounted base and was out of stock. Might get that if IKEA restocks it and figure a way to convert it to a table/floor-mount.

  4. I thought the latest episode was for the last episode in 2011, not season 2..anyway, I stand corrected..

    by the way, any table lamp will do, doesn't necessary have to be IKEA..just make sure you get an extension cord if the power cord was too short..

  5. @Vuel ... you could be right. Not really sure how the series count in the Walking Dead is calculated. But it would have been awesome to leave that as Season 2's ending.


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