Friday, 5 April 2013

Word Bearers Dark Apostle

If it wasn't for the inspiring Word Bearers trilogy by Anthony Reynolds, I truly won't have had the courage to attempt painting the Dark Apostle. It's funny how the urge to recreate in miniatures what we have read in books, will actually force one's hand to attempt painting outside the comfort zone.

For the glory of Lorgar

Although I could definitely do a better job of painting the Word Bearers Dark Apostle's face, I thought better of it and decided to quit while I am ahead. For now at least. I lack the confidence to properly paint human miniatures faces (apart from Ork faces which are a hoot to paint) in full detail.

Behold the Word of Lorgar for there is no other truth
Thanks are in order to the warrior of Guilliman who donated his skull for the corrupted crozius
Side view which shows the false truths being trampled upon by the Word Bearers Dark Apostle
Spot the Word Bearers decal on the right shoulder pad
Yet more written truths from Lorgar written on skin parchments
No ... the L does not stand for Learners driver license
Strapped to the left hip is the Dark Apostle's dark grimoire
Oh heavenly Lorgar, I beseech you to return to us ... please?
A close look at the falsehoods that Word Bearers have to contend with

Progress so far on the Word Bearers army
To date, I have finished painting the Dark Apsotle, five Anointed, and 10 cultists. Not that much come to think of it. Next on the list is a Word Bearers Helbrute which I will be painting alongside the Black Legion Forgefiend. Early into my 2Q 2013 schedule and I realise that I may have bitten off more than I could chew. Oh well ... you won't know if you don't try Gran' Pappy Lorgar use to say.


  1. Very nice! Most impressive showing of the 'truths' of Lorgar. I think the books of 'false truths' being stepped on is a very nice touch!

    1. Thanks! Can't claim credit for the books of false truths though as they were beautifully sculpted into the original miniature.

  2. I am really geeked to paint this model. For years and years I wanted my Word Bearers to have a Dark Apostle model, then we got the rules, then we lost them, and now we get rules AND a model! And with the excessive number of cultists in the force, I feel almost REQUIRED to have one.
    And then you post this awesome-looking one up here. Dagnabbit! Must... resist... urge... Great work! As with all your stuff, I'm in love!

    1. Thanks for the kind words! Don't resist ... how can you not include a bringer of the Word into your Chaos army. For the shame ;)

  3. Nice monkeigh you got there. Are you entering this for Golden Kris?

    1. Not sure if this is even Golden Kris material based on past entries that I have seen. I was, however, toying with the idea of entering it just to take part in the Legio birthday bash activities. Initially when I first completed the Dark Apostle I was really really pleased with it but the more I looked at this miniature the more faults I seem to find with it. So now I am undecided. =( By the way, we don't have to permanently surrender our minis to Legio Malaysia right?

    2. Well, we're not going to refuse if you're doing it willingly ;)
      Dude, Golden Kris is during the birthday bash!

    3. Yah I know =) GK is the only activity I can take part in, other than just being a spectator of course. ^^


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