Sunday, 31 March 2013

Building a W40K Chaos Army - 2Q 2013 Schedule

No more pussyfooting around, it's time to put up or shut up. More than one-and-a-half-years into this hobby and I am no closer to putting up an army to game.So I sat down and finally put to paper a rather ambitious schedule over the next three months to finally get something on the gaming table.

Almost unachievable but it does spell out what needs to be done to get an army up in 3 months

Some 18 months from my very first miniature till today, I have only managed to complete painting roughly 53 miniatures and assembled/primed about 35 or so. Not exactly a blistering pace, which makes my 2Q plan above that little bit more crazy. First week of April will either see me triumphant in completing the Word Bearers Dark Apostle thus kick-starting my grand hobby schedule, or simply crash in flames filled with utter humiliation in seeing a plan fail before it has properly begun.

Kinda hurt my arm (I think I pulled a muscle) while cleaning my grandma's grave during the Qingming festival so my hands were a bit shakier than normal this weekend resulting in me doing more assembling than painting. Even then I kept dropping pieces all over the place while the super glue was still on the separate pieces. Sigh.

Nonetheless, I still managed to finish assembling and priming a Black Legion Forgefiend. As I lack the skill to use magnets, I guess blue tacks will have to suffice for the time being when utilising the various weapon choices available to the Forgefiend.

Forgefiend with various possibilities in head and weapon choices

I also have a Word Bearers Helbrute fully assembled and primed so that will at least make my life that bit easier in April's punishing schedule.

This Helbrute is going to be in Word Bearers colours

Looks like I have my work cut out for me. While I am itching to get off the blocks, I am also partly dreading the amount of work that lies ahead. Am gonna need all the luck that I can get. 


  1. Good luck and have fun my friend=) That's a lot of big stuff to paint. Helbrute is full of details and it's quite time consuming if you wanna paint every spot on it.

    1. Thanks limp! Heh heh too ambitious and bound for failure XD but it does give me an idea of what I am up against =)

      Btw, how is your new job? Hope everything is much better than the last job you had.

    2. something came up, still hunting for job, surviving on freelance project, erratic sleep pattern, not pretty =p

  2. It's a challenging schedule you've put up there, good luck!

    1. Yah ... challenging doesn't even begin to describe it. I just realised I allocated only 9 days to paint a Helbrute. After Goh reminded me about the details of that mini ... I was like what was I thinking! O_O


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