Friday, 19 April 2013

WIP: Word Bearers Helbrute with a quadpolar disorder

Unless you have been fully brainwashed by the false-Emperor's indoctrination, you would know that to be a Word Bearer is to embrace all the chaos gods equally. Upon close examination, the Helbrute seemed to have afforded me the chance to paint in all four chaos gods's influence - Tzeentch, Nurgle, Slaneesh and Khorne. I had to be careful not to overdo it or it would end up looking like a rainbow-coloured Barbie doll. First up was the many eyes in the Helbrute miniature. If that doesn't scream Tzeentch I don't know what does. So that one was easy ... one down three to go.

Tzeentch sees all ... whether you are naughty or nice

Another fairly easy one was the mouth/horns/tongue thingy sticking out from the left side of the Helbrute's body. To me, it looked like something that would adorn a Slaneesh daemonette. So I painted that thingy (for want of a better word) in purplish hues.

Slaneesh's influence but more pain than pleasure

With regard to Nurgle, I was a bit perplexed at first but later hooked on to the fact that the god of decay and death can actually be showcased by rotting flesh and rusted metal. So I focused on the fleshy right arm of the Helbrute which was carrying a multi-melta.

Nurgle decays everything at an accelerated rate

Finally, we have Khorne which is all anger and hate. What better to signify this than fires from the infernal engine that is powering the Helbrute. On a previous post I did a mini-tutorial on doing Object Source Lighting using the engine vents as the light source.

Khorne burns with hate fuelled by sugar and spice

On the unlikely event that you are not aware of how big the Helbrute miniature is, I took a picture of the model next to a 31 mm paper clip. The reason I did this was because the close-up pictures might give a false impression as to the scale I was working with.

Paper clips are useful for organising the many writings of Lorgar

Having to put so much attention into just one model is quite exhausting and it has thrown a spanner into my 2Q 2013 hobby schedule. It is very hard to resist painting in the details when the model is so beautifully crafted. But if I get bogged down with the details I will take forever to finish painting the Word Bearers Helbrute. And there are still so many things in this miniature that I need to work on.

Couldn't resist painting in the details for the Helbrute's wiring

Meanwhile, seeing that the base of the Helbrute is so big with a fair amount of empty space, I am also planning to do some minor miniature conversions to go along with this model. I am still undecided as to which chapter the space marine below should belong to but odds are it will be an Ultramarine.

Is that the Emperor's light I see?

Miniature conversions are completely new to me. So much so that I have never even used Game Workshop's green stuff before. I had better do some research before I start on the green stuff. I couldn't find any small sized sculpting tools so I got a cheap set of plastic ones that might just be a tad too big. Will give the humongous plastic tools a try anyway and see if I can make do. Wish me luck on my miniature conversion project and thanks for reading!

Some cheap plastic sculpting tools and the GW green stuff


  1. Looking great! I love the paint style. Now I just can't wait to see the finished product...

    1. Heh heh ... we kinda have the same painting style though yours is several levels above my own abilities. =)

  2. Excellent! I love your thought process behind it- that since the Word Bearers worship all of Chaos as a pantheon, it makes sense that they might have multiple mutations/marks from the gods.

    The best part is that you realized it so well on this model- you can see the 4 powers, but it doesn't overwhelm or detract- the model is clearly Word Bearers, but with god-specific mutations. Well done!

    1. Thanks for the kind words! =) Of all the four chaos gods ... Tzeentch is the least compatible with a Word Bearers colour scheme so I am hoping it doesn't spoil the overall paint scheme.


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