Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Music to paint and write by

Now it stands to reason that by indulging in two things that I truly love doing ... painting and writing ... I would start a blog on my miniature hobby. But the underlying glue which holds both together is the music which plays on the background while I am doing either tasks. Music is a very personal thing and individual preferences would vary but for me, the blues genre reigns supreme.

She gets it ... the blues experience
Not to be underestimated, music has the ability to raise our spirits and set the mood thus inspiring us to do good, if not our best work. Just the other day while I was painting, one of my all time favourite blues tune - Etta James's hauntingly beautiful song "At Last" - took its turn on my playlist and actually gave me an emotional boost and helped me through some delicate painting. If you have never heard this tune before, please do yourself a favour and check it out on this YouTube link. It was Etta James's blues-infused rendition of songs that finally dragged my wife into liking this genre.

A song so achingly beautiful that it leaves you emotionally drained

For all you younguns that are wondering why all this fuss about the blues, perhaps you should check out a more contemporary movie starring Beyonce Knowles called Cadillac Records in which she starred as Etta James. I loved the movie which was loaned to me by a friend whose late-father was a huge blues fan. In my opinion, the only music-related movie that surpasses it is the Cameron Crowe-directed Almost Famous.  

If you love the blues, you will like this movie

In future posts, I hope to share with you my love for the blues as I list for you my various playlists which many a times have gotten me through a particularly tedious painting/writing session.

Do share with me your playlists if you have one as I am always open to new music seeing that my musical tastes range from Heavy Metal, Rock, Country, Bluegrass to Jazz (all which have blues at their roots).

I have observed that some hobbyists prefer silence when painting while yet others participate in friendly banter to break up the monotony of having to paint a whole army of miniatures. A few also leave the TV on while painting, of which I am guilty of on occasion much to the missus's exasperation. (Yes dear, I am watching with my ears.)

What do you do while you are hobbying?


  1. Judas Priest - painkiller

    Slayer - Raining Blood

    Iron Maiden - The trooper

    Kreator - Violent Revolution (whole album)

    and this... (in character theme oi! you will just be arouse by merely lookin at the song title!)

    Yes, imametalhead

    for quieter environment... I'll play this...

  2. Heh heh ... thanks a bunch limp for your fav playlist. =)

    I actually have practically all of Iron Maiden's albums and my favourite song of theirs is Fear of the Dark. Iron Maiden's stuff is pretty mild when you compare it to their album covers.

    Not much into metal nowadays ... still listen to Metallica, Pantera and a few others on and off but more mellow now. LOL! As I age I am going more to the root of all this different genres which is the Blues. Linkin Park is about as heavy as I go nowadays. ROFL!

    Whoa ... the Bolt Thrower stuff is pretty cool. You can play it in K4 when you first arrange your troops 0_0 while maybe Hakim can play ... errr ... Carpenters? ... while arranging the Blood Angles. ;)

  3. As for me, the music I hear depends on the mood I'm currently in. In short, my range goes from Slipknot down to Boyz II Men. Weird, huh.

    1. Nope ... that's not weird at all. It just means that you have a wide range of interests when it comes to music. That's a pretty cool trait to have as it shows you are open to new music. Granted I still listen to the current tunes playing on radio e.g. FUN. but the blues seems to be at the root of most of the music I like e.g. ACDC, Rolling Stones, early-Clapton, etc.


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