Monday, 5 November 2012

Loot from MaGaCon 2012

MaGaCon 2012 was a cool family experience though more so for the missus and son who had an eventful weekend. I was there mainly to help out at the Hobby Forge booth, together with other more regular gamers at Alvin's shop i.e. Yip, Hakim and Billy. It was great to see so many people really get into miniature painting but as Hakim can attest to, the relentless horde of participants at the painting table was overwhelming at times. Both our backs were hurting like mad by end of MaGaCon.

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Cheaper early bird tickets I got hold of for the family

Unexpectedly, MaGaCon 2012 also provided some cool loot for the family. The missus got a prize in the first lucky draw i.e. a PS3 Game - F1 2012. Nice! Though I wouldn't have minded getting my hands on Assasin Creed III or Rocksmith, which were also on offer.

This is a great addition to my racing collection (GranTurismo5, Dirt3 and Shift2)

My son also managed to complete all the quests in MaGaCon 2012 and was one of the eight finalist for the final challenge which was a a console game dance off. Though he didn't win the main prizes i.e. a PS3 Slim, he did manage to score a bean bag. Ultra Nice!

Quests to complete, including Hobby Forge's painting own painting task
King of the Hill was the most difficult to complete; it took my son 2-days up until the last hour to complete it
Finally, a bean bag for the family
Nothing says jump on me like a bean bag ... well almost nothing but lets keep it PG13

Was too busy to take any pictures of MaGaCon 2012, but two things did stick out and make me wanna take some pictures. One was an awesome sculpture on display, a figurine which I believe would not be out of place in the Games Workshop Chaos mythology. The other thing was the armies painted by the Iron Painters of MaGaCon 2012. While all the armies painted looked awesome, I particulary loved all the Chaos stuff i.e. the Iron Warriors, Black Legion and Nurgle army.

How cool is that!
A Nurgle army painted by Iqbal of Stealthy Blades

MaGaCon 2012 also saw the missus paint her first miniature while my son did a simple three-coloured space marine - dry brush of the basecoat, metal paint for the guns and a wash.

Finally, the missus takes a stab at miniature painting
Simple paint job for a space marine of the false emperor
Well, it was certainly an interesting experience and overall, a fun weekend for the family. Had a game of FIFA 13 with my son before I left, and as always Liverpool drew yet another game. Bummer! Finally, I leave you with a picture of an army of space marines I had assembled for MaGaCon 2012. It was the most minis I had ever assembled in one go - 30 soldiers of that corpse emperor. Oh well ^^ and as always ... thanks for reading!

More targets for the Chaos Chosen I suppose


  1. You guys stay until what time on Sunday nite? any after party =D

    And congrats Mrs FEM and FEM Jr for the game and bean bag!

    1. Nah ... Hakim and Yip went for a big dinner though, I think. Couldn't join as had to take family back and also spent the last hours of MaGaCon 2012 playing with me son. ^^

    2. Lol not much of a big dinner,sandwiches from O briens and that was after i got whooped at tekken vs streetfighter by Yip.

    3. Heya Hakim ... thanks again for the space marine head! If you need any spares let me know and if I have em, will hook you up.

  2. Getting painting pointers from you, Hakim, Yip, Goh & Billy; the participants could not have anyone better as their first mentors. Dude, thanks for spreading the love of painting to the community.

    And thanks for the support you gave to us who participated in Iron Painter.

    1. nyah ah ah ah... I din participate on guiding anyone paint, Quah, Yip and Hakim are the one who work hard there=p I just drop by and go there look see look see only (shame that I can't even drag my fren to try =p my mate just wanna play boardgame, had a game of 7 wonders and bang! instead)

    2. Are you sure? I saw it differently though ;)

    3. (seriously.. i did not help out at the table for even one minute =p I don't take credit for stuff that i did not do (blush))

  3. Some the kids really loved painting the miniatures. One kid in particular was really impressed with the effect that the washes had. ^^

    Not just kids though, some grownups loved it too. I was also impressed by one young teen. Her first mini was way way better than mine and she only had large brushes to work with. =)

    However, some participants just refused to listen and one guy kept dipping his whole brush into the paint pot. =P

    1. guy kept dipping his whole brush into the paint pot
      <-- GW will love this client, the paint will be running out in no time =p


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