Monday, 12 November 2012

First Word Bearer Chaos Cultist ... and a lady in waiting

Well, I am off the starting blocks. Just recently finished my first Word Bearer chaos cultist. Previously I would have been really proud of my achievement. But after seeing the Iron Painters finish 30 over models each over a 24-hour period during MaGaCon 2012, I am setting the bar higher i.e. I hope to finish between 5 to 9 cultists over this week. It will my little mini-Iron Painter. ^^

My ongoing experiment with painting flesh tones
Papa Nurgle seems to have taken a liking to this guy's back
This time round I completely changed the way I take pictures of my miniatures. I mounted a DSLR on a tripod; used only lighting from lamps i.e. no flashes; and set the shutter speed to a slow 1/60 which meant I couldn't hold the camera while taking it without getting blurry pics hence the tripod.

Lady in waiting ... Cyrene Valantion (Work-In-Progress)
I also managed to get some work done on the Kingdom Death model that I am using to represent the reincarnation of Cyrene Valantion of the Word Bearers. Nothing too fancy as I just managed to finish the basecoats. Next will be the washes followed by the midtones and then the highlights.

Front View - Reincarnation of Cyrene Valantion WIP (aka Kisya of Kingdom Death)
Back View - Reincarnation of Cyrene Valantion WIP (aka Kisya of Kingdom Death)

Word Bearer Inspired Books
Obviously Cyrene was inspired by Aaron Dembski-Bowden's The First Heretic. Meanwhile, I just finished reading Dark Apostle and have started on Dark Disciple by Anthony Reynolds. The former book gives some insight into Chaos Cultists while the series as a whole will make good background reading and inspiration before I attempt work on the Dark Apostle miniature.

Ahhh ... religious fanatics ... you can't help but love 'em. Heh heh.  


  1. that cultist... I cut off his head and greenstuff him on a termi armor, he is now a proud aspiring termi champ that dual wield power weapon now =)

    Ah, I have the same novel, it's actually a trilogy right? I brought the Word Bearer Omnibus and its this three novel inside.

    1. Cool ... dual power weapon wielding termin champ ... pics pls =)

      Yep you are right ... its a trilogy. Last book is Dark Creed.


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