Saturday, 27 October 2012

Sect of the Blessed Lady ... and Ork Lootas progress

Cyrene Valantion ... Confessor of the Word ... also known as 'The Blessed Lady'. There were no candidates in Game Workshop's vast array of miniatures that were worthy of this Horus Heresy First Heretic character so I had to turn to a Kingdom Death model i.e. White Speaker Kisya. So Kisya will now be a proxy for the reincarnation of Cyrene Valantion. As she plays no part in the gaming universe that is W40K, Cyrene will be just fluff for display with my Word Bearer army.

Front view of assembled White Speaker
Back view of assembled White Speaker
Reincarnation of Cyrene Valantion via a Kingdom Death vessel aka Kisya, pictured above with a white undercoat
So far I have only given her a white undercoat followed by a wash of Ogryn Flesh
Based on my previous experience with Lelith, I decided to give Cyrene a wash of Ogryn Flesh before proceeding to paint the basecoats. In addition to covering up potential white spots from showing up in later painting, the wash actually gives me a better view of where the shadows should be.

Cyrene with my Chaos Cultists ... all undercoated with Chaos Black

Ork Lootas
In between preparing my Chaos army for painting, I managed to finish the first squad of Ork Lootas led by a Rokkit Mek. I plan to add another five Lootas to this squad, maybe with a Mek that has a big shoota. But before I do that, I will most likely paint up five Ork Burnaz for variety.

Below is a more detailed look at the three new additions to my Ork Lootas Squad.

Well that's it for this week. Most likely I won't get much done next week as I will be helping Alvin out at MaGaCon 2012. Should be a fun experience.


  1. Good thinkin on Cyrene... though normally anything 40k are less skin and more power armor (IMHO, LOL) ;-P I believe she serve as an excellent objective marker

    Say what? uh.. all of u guys got shackle by boss Alvin =..=

    1. Heh heh ... I guess you are right on the less skin thingy but I just figured that of all the four Chaos Gods that the Word Beares favour, Slaneesh kinda liked Cyrene more. ^^

      Yep ... commissar Alvin has us hab-workers doing stuff for the false emperor. Joinlah limp ... you can put slave-painter in your resume. XD

    2. Muahahaha, already brought ticket, will lepak there with friends, will drop by and say Hi =)

  2. Howdy!
    As of your Orkz: they look good, a bit too bright as for my taste but hey! no one said that Orkz can't take a shover once in a while ))
    I would just add two more layer for skin tone, to make it deep enought and maybe some rust effect for metall parts.


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