Saturday, 24 November 2012

Word Bearers Chaos Cultists

Despite being laid low over the past couple of days by heavy medication to counter a gift from Nurgle, this past two weeks has been my most productive yet hobby-wise. I managed to finish painting nine chaos cultists from the Dark Vengeance set, in the colours of the Word Bearers.

As this squad is part of a Word Bearer army, the predominant colour scheme is Red Gore/Scab Red 
Glory be to Lorgar
This squad of chaos cultists presented me with a lot of details to paint and allowed me to practise painting both skin and cloth. Initially I had targeted to have them finished under 1-week but family commitments and a recent illness put that ambitious target out of reach.

Chaos Cultist Champion and a cultist with a flamer
The Champion provided me with ample practise in painting cloth
Chaos Cultists with autopistols
Both miniatures provided opportunities to practise painting skin-tones
More cultists with autopistols
Mini on the right allowed me to utilise purple paints for the first time
Yet more cultists with autopistols
Details on the head of both minis were a challenge to paint
Cultists with ... yes you guessed it ... autopistols
Close combat weapon on the right hand of the cultists look pretty neat 
Well that's it for now. Any comments on how I can improve on my miniatures are always welcome. Heavy meds are making me sleepy already. Zzzz Zzzz Zzzz -_-


  1. Good job on the cultist! Man you are churning out army fast, I've only manage to assemble some minis and painted only one night lord since chaos dex release... gotta work fasta!

    1. Thanks limp! Trying to keep up the momentum in painting my Chaos army as all I have completed so far is a measly 5 Black Legion CSMs, 8 Khorne Berzerkers and this 10-man Cultist squad. Unfortunately getting sick for the past 2 days has sort of broken my momentum.

    2. take good care of yourself man, get well soon!

    3. Thanks man. Getting better already though still not feeling 100%. Guess hobby has to take a back stage this week. =)

  2. Nice work! really need to pick up some of these cultist for myself.

    ...and hope you get well soon!

    1. Hiya Snake88 ... feeling much better, thank you. Yeah you should pick up the cultists ... they are very detailed and a joy to paint.

  3. Looking good.
    Painting skin always intimidated me.

    1. Thanks Vuel! I am still learning how to properly paint skin-tones as well as cloth.

      For skin-tones, there is that added deal-breaker in that if the eyes of the miniature are not done properly, then the whole things look comical =(

      Meanwhile, for the cloth, there is that fine balance between enough higlights to make it stand out versus too much to make it look artificial. Moreover, to paint cloth I guess patience is needed to put on many many thin layers. Here, my objective was to actually put out an army fast without making you cringe. ^^


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