Sunday, 7 October 2012

Two Ork Lootas, An Ork Trukk Driver and Other Orky Stuff

Got to thinking about the future composition of my son's Ork Army that I am building, and decided to go with maybe 10 to 15 Lootas and 5 Burnaz with the help of some Ork Boyz conversions. That means I have to pick up the pace (I am sounding like a broken record) cause I am only at 2 of 10.

And then there were two ...
Takumi-san ... Ork Trukk Drifter extraordinaire
So much more to paint

More Ork Stuff in the works
Over the weekend, I got my hands on some of Mr Chaos's old stuff which will help speed up the formation of the Ork army. Luckily he was letting 'em go cheaper than what they normally retail for, otherwise they would have been beyond my budget.

Two Ork Big Gunz semi-assembled by Mr.Chaos
Ork Killa Kans, fully-assembled by Mr.Chaos, and now ready for a black undercoat

On my part, I got some parts from my Ork Battleforce and combined them with the Ork Loota Mek to get what I term as a 'Rokkit Mek' (and yes, it's in honour of that great Elton John song).

... I'm not the ork they think I am at home, Oh no no no I'm a rockkit mek,
Rocket mek burning out his fuse up here alone ... (modified from original lyrics)

For the final piece of Orky stuff for this post, I present you with the more detailed pictures of the second Lotta. I didn't do too much highlights on the black/grey metal parts so as to keep that dirty kinda look and feel. Mini could have been improved further but I think I have already spent too much time on it. Stating the obvious I know.

Chaos Space Marine Army
Will also have to concurrently get my own Chaos army up and running. Am thinking of a Black Legion army led by Abbadon which is allied with a Word Bearer Dark Apostle with his chosen marines and cultists, at least something along that line.

Joy of Painting versus a Practical Army List
My armies are forming more from a painting perspective rather than a gaming one. So hopefully I will still manage to find fellow hobbyists willing to give me a game. Also, fingers crossed everyone won't have migrated to the ForgeWorld Horus Heresy stuff by the time I get the armies done up. ^^

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