Sunday, 23 September 2012

Bad Moonz Ork Loota ... First of Five

From the two boxes of Ork Lootas/Burna Boyz in my collection, I plan to build two squads of five comprising an even number of Lootas and Burna Boys. While from the gaming perspective I have heard that the 6th edition has made things more 'shooty', thus making it more sensible to build single squad of ten Lootas, I am approaching it more from a painters angle. With two squads of both Lootas and Burna Boyz ... I would have 10 different models to paint. Thus far, I only completed one Loota. There were an insane amount of details on this little bad boy which slowed me down quite a bit.

Whatca lookin at guvnor?
This big shoota had so much details to paint
Side view of the big shoota
Red and blue wirings did make the model a bit gaudy but he is a Bad Moonz Ork after all
The huge back armour plate allowed for a bad moonz decal to be applied
Close up of the electrical thingamajig
Side view of the Bad Moonz Ork Loota
Big Shoota was angled slightly upwards
Even from the top, there were so much details to paint
This guy took me one week to finish painting so unless I ease-off on painitng in all the little details, it's going to take me too long to finish up the squad.

Currently, only three other Lootas have been assembled and basecoated

Assembling an Ork Loota
As noobish as this may sound, I found assembling this guy a liitle bit daunting. Just to share my experience, I found that doing it in the following order made things a bit easier.

Painted the parts separately
First, the big shoota was glued on ...
... followed by the head ...
... and ending with the left portion of the shoota

Other future projects
Thanks to exposure to board game miniatures by fellow bloggers out there like limp, khairul, MrChaos and others, I am starting to get into boardgames and may soon start doing some boardgame miniature projects. All this and there is still that new Chaos Space Marine stuff to consider. Phew!


  1. with that amount of detail, I'd suggest you to thread the path of the lootas all the way..

    nice job dude!

  2. @Vuel ... thanks bro. My head says make all of em lootas but my heart says get more variety in painting experience.

    @limp ... wonder if Gork and Mork are any match for the four gods of chaos ... or are they actually Tzeentch in disguise?

  3. Bro.. since you do your stuffs seperately, I've faster way to paint those weapons:
    Black Primer -> Tamiya Gunmetal Spray -> Tamiya Light Gunmetal Spray -> Chainmail (highlights)
    Now can save lots of time and go straight to details :)

    1. Thanks for the advice Lord AK. Does the Light Gunmetal Spray completely cover the Gunmetal Spray layer?

      Unfortunately for me, even the metal bits are taking me very long to paint because of my preoccupation with details and in the words of my missus my 'frustrating perfectionist approach' ... not that I am a good painter mind you. All in all, I even try to make my metal pieces very varied i.e. dark/light, grey/bronze/brass/gold, etc. Crazy I know ... sigh.


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