Sunday, 14 October 2012

Rise of a Chaos Space Marine Alliance

It seemed as if the Gods of Chaos themselves had gotten into my head over the past few days. I started assembling one Chaos Cultist to see how it would look ... two days later, the Chaos miniatures in the GW Dark Vengeance starter set were all done and ready for priming.

Finished assembling all the Chaos minis in the Dark Vengeance set in a 2-day mind-blurring haze

Now I am usually a "paint the separate pieces and then glue them together" kinda guy but I was thinking that if I went that route for the DV minis, I would never finish painting them in a timely manner. So for the most part, the Chaos minis in this set will be painted fully assembled ... nearly all of 'em anyway. Old habits die hard so the front of the Hellbrute, the Chaos Lord's sword and the Chaos Chosen Champion's backpack will be painted separately before being glued on.

Awesome details all round ... Chosen will join Abbadon's army while the Hellbrute seems destined for a Word Bearer army
Chaos Cultists awaiting an undercoat and the teachings of a Word Bearer Dark Apostle
After a lot of thought, I decided to use Abbadon the Despoiler and a Word Bearer Dark Apostle as the first leaders of my Chaos Army Alliance. There will be other HQs down the road (Typhus and a Daemon Prince seems the more likely future projects) but for now, a Black Legion / Word Bearers alliance is one I am going with. Abbadon was one of my first HQ purchases many moons ago while the Dark Apostle was just grabbed yesterday.

Abbadon and ... err ... Urkel? Not sure what to name the Word Bearer Dark Apostle yet

Other Non-Chaos Projects
Such is the power of the Gods of Chaos that I haven't been spending much time with my other projects. The Ork Loota aka Rokkit Mek remains very much a work-in-progress ...

Early stages of the Ork Rokkit Mek
... while the Dragon in my future diorama has barely been painted. On hindsight, choosing a white undercoat for this model might not have been the wisest thing I have done because the many small nook and crannies in this Finecast model has made it very difficult to paint an undercoat without some white showing underneath. Not unlike the problem I faced with Lelith.

Initially a homage to The Hobbit but now part of a Diorama with Kingdom Death miniatures
So it has been a rather busy week hobby-wise. Pretty physced up to accelerate my painting for both the Chaos and Ork armies. It's finding the time that's hard now.


  1. Am looking forward to seeing what you do with the Chaos minis. I think the Word Bearers scheme will really suit them!

    1. Yeah ... I think so too. Moreover it goes with the lore and fluff. =)

  2. Good on you man, you had assembled all stuff, I'm only manage to partially assemble a heldrake (almost screw up the wing... but now stop half way coz wanna get some hobby tools and foliage to repose the bugger), and "convert" a helbrute (cover the hole of melta and add two lascannon barrel) and glue a defiler CC weapon on it and call it Power Scrouge ...LOL

  3. EH?!! Chaos Lord's sword is missing!

    1. Readlah para 2 ... heh heh =)

      Some minis I am still painting certain parts separately before gluing them together. Chaos Lord sword is one of em ... currently the Hellbrute's front is also intended to be painted separately but I starting to gravitate towards gluing it first before painting. How about you? Are you painting the pieces separately?

    2. ya, I used to assemble the body and backpack, separately paint the bolter holding hand (so I can fully paint the chest) and then glue em on...

      But I figure I will not have the patient to do it this way already =p As some wise folks once said : "where ever the paint brush can't reach, people can't see"

  4. Looking forward to seeing your progress on this :)

    1. Thanks ... hope to start painting 'em soon.


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