Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Berzerkers basecoated

Black Legion Khorne Berzerkers' basecoats are finally done

Basecoating these miniatures en masse has, at times, been a tiresome process. While this factory assembly line approach to painting is certainly a quicker and more efficient way to paint a squad of miniatures, the method does have one serious drawback. Nothing spells BOREDOM more than having to paint the same colour on the same parts, again and again. That being said, it does help a noob like me paint faster so ... as a commissar would probably say ... suck it up soldier.         

As mentioned in earlier blogs, a detailed how-to-paint-Khorne-Berzerkers will eventually be compiled. For now, a quick step-by-step guide to what has been done so far can be seen below.

All the non-gold metal parts were given a layer of Boltgun Metal and a wash of Badab Black.
Gold metal parts were given a basecoat comprising a 1:1 mix of Scorched Brown and Dwarf Bronze
Finally, miscellanous parts were basecoated - eyes were painted with Dark Angel Green; chainsword tassel with Mechrite Red; leather straps with Scorched Brown; and.teeth on the helmet were eventually painted as non-gold metal parts

While working on the Berzerker squad's Skull Champion, I got an idea to also do a how-to-paint guide for the champion's power sword. Its going to be an obsidian blade with what hopefully will be a sinister-like green glow. If it fails ... we could call it the Nickelodeon sword. Word up?

Sneak peek of what will become a LEGEN ... wait for it ... DARY sword


  1. Dude, the 3rd photo is at the right size and right focus, stick to that setup for your upcoming tutorial =) The first two is abit blurry compare to the last photo.

    Lookin forward for the glowy sword!

  2. Great progress but the pictures are "frosty" as though shot through a fog or something, and very low resolution so we can't see much detail. I'd love to see some clear closeups of your work dude!

  3. @vuel ... thanks for the encouragement =)

    @me/limp ... You are right, I edited the first 2 how-to pictures with a really low-end PC that I don't usually use. Maybe that's the reason.

    @deathkorps ... Now that you mentioned it … the pictures are indeed kinda frosty. I am not happy with the way the photos turned out. It could be due to a combination of very bad lighting, bad camera phone or just bad photo taking technique. I actually shot it at 8MP. The other reason I can think of is that I tend to crop pictures using Window's simple PAINT program, and when I resave it as JPEG, the byte size reduces drastically so that could have affected the reso.


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