Sunday, 18 December 2011

Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays

May your Xmas surprises be merry ones,
May you be safe in the company of loved ones for the holidays,
May your new year be better than the last,
May you be well and happy.

P.S. A BIG thank you to my wife for making the little santa hats for my miniatures. =)


  1. LOL, the xmas hat is a nice touch man!

    Merry Xmas in advance man =)

  2. Happy holidays man :)

    Which chapters do those belong to?? The merry santas??

  3. I don't celebrate Xmas myself but thought I would wish those who do a merry one.

    @limp ... merry xmas to you too and congrats on your award. From your blog, I gather you won something? Painting competition? Awesome man ... I can now tell people I know an award winning painter .. heh heh =)

    @khairul ... happy holidays to you too. Merry Santas? ... heh heh ... nice one ... will be sure to strike fear in hearts throughout the imperium

  4. @FEM : LOL, I didn't celebrate xmas as well =p

    Ya, I manage to nick something on the painting competition, but mainly because Khairul and Carl (MrChaos) didn't take part, Jeff and Alvin are busy on the tournament/booth preparation and didn't send in their best stuff (even if they send in their Legio Golden Kris entry, those will win, you can check out the photo of their past entry on Legio website, it's on the left hand side), and I guess the sudden change of painting competition timeslot from Saturday to Sunday turn some participant off, I would consider this a lucky win =____,=" Actually there is an entry of Tau character which is kinda nice, I guess that is the work of AznJake in forum?

    ps: Khairul, Jeff, Azlan, Alvin, Iqbal (not to mention Carl) all have some painting competition medal under their belt man, lol, you actually know quite a handful of award winning painter.. kekeke.

  5. @me: you've missed Dann, Kadir, Joe Soon, Soo Jin, Oliver and Doc Selvam from the list..

    anyway, happy holidays to all..


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