Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The first step

As the old saying goes, a thousand miles begins with a single step. Having finally taken the plunge into the the world that is Warhammer 40K, I must say I am enjoying the hobby greatly. I ain't no spring chicken, in fact I will be approaching my own mid-life crisis of sorts soon, but I say one is never too old to have a hobby involving miniatures. Kudos to Games Workshop and the Black Libray for having created such a wonderful world where there is only war.

Its only fitting that my very first miniatures be the Ultramarines. They are the first miniatures I have ever painted in my life so there is plenty of room for improvement.

Currently, I am also in the midst of painting two ork boyz. I have only managed basecoats and a wash. I have yet to paint the various layers of skin, armour etc as well as highlights, so more updates on that later.

These miniatures were suppose to be a practice run for me before I started painting an Assault on Black Reach (AOBR) set that I got for me and my son. But things don't always go as plan. I have been hijacked by the call of Chaos. Project AOBR is now officially on hold as I begin down the path of damnation.  =)  I will be posting progress updates on my Black Legion army as the days roll by ... feel free to comment and provide tips for this old dog thats trying to learn new tricks.


  1. Those are really nice considering they're the first models you've painted!!

    Nice and neat with a dash of line highlighting. That's tabletop standard there already :) Well done man.

    They'll look even nicer when you get your whole list done. So how many points are u looking at?

  2. Hello there my fellow Heretic, your first few minis is much, much nicer than my first few (maybe even the current one, LOL)... Dang, you even go and dotted the eye, I remember when I first started there is just a big smear of paint which is not even painted correctly in the eye socket =p

    Some recommendation on AOBR, once you get tired of painting black, grey highlight, gold trim, repeat... pop up a smurf marine (or ORK!) and work on them, it will be a nice change of pace =D

  3. @Khairul ... Thanks. Not really familiar with army building yet. Still reading the rule book and codex. A rule of thumb I am using is how cool the units will be to paint and a bit of everything from HQ, Elites, Heavy Support, Troops etc. I guess I will fill up the blanks as I go along and am more familiar with the army rules.

    @me ... you are too kind =) ha ha a smurf ork. You are right on the change of pace ... that's why I am moving from ultramarines to orks to CSMs in a short period. Will likely alternate btw the various units as I paint.


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