Sunday, 16 October 2011

Painting cloth

I tried my hand at painting cloth today. Started off with a basecoat of 50:50 scorched brown:blood red ... gradually increased the blood red portion before a final highlight of blazing orange. Highlights didn't turn out too well as I found blazing orange difficult to work with.

Will need to work on finding out how to make the orange paint more consistent ie not too thick nor watery.


  1. Am sure the pics didn't do u justice :)

    It's all about experimenting and learning. Your results are pretty good considering you just started.

    keep hobbying man. U're inspiring me to get off my lazy butt and start painting something hehe.

    btw...did u use a camera to take thise pics?

  2. Hi Khairul ... Thanks, you are much too kind =)
    Yah ... am learning as I go along. On my very first miniature, I painted too many layers into the gold parts and to my horror the details were all smudged. =)

    I wish I had a good camera to take pictures of models. Just used my LG phone camera. Its not too good cause even in macro mode I find it really hard to get it to focus properly. Took advantage of the sunny outdoors when snapping this pic.

  3. Don't invest in a camera just yet. Use that precious commodity for more models, paints, brushes etc :)

    Just borrow a friend's/family member's camera to get some good pics.

    Sometime in the future am sure you'll be wanting to learn how to take good miniature pics. It goes with the hobby :)

    In the meantime, keep hobbying dude!!

  4. Yep, I plan to. I am really enjoying this hobby. I love painting the miniatures and can only hope I get better.

    Camera is not in my budget at the moment. There are currently so many miniatures I like and not enough money. =) Also, when I look at a shelf full of GW paints I go all warm inside lol


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