Sunday 12 November 2023

Mecha Gals from the Gundam & Evangelion Universe

 In this iteration of my budget-friendly pre-painted figure unboxings and reviews, I'll be looking at characters from mecha-genre anime franchises. And in this instance, there are none bigger than the big two i.e. Mobile Suit Gundam and Neon Genesis Evangelion. While there will definitely be more bishoujo figures from this two universes being unboxed and reviewed, for starters I'll be looking at prize figures of Lalah Sune from the Bandai Spirits Banpresto product line, and Mari Makinami Illustrious from the SEGA Super Premium (SPM) line.

 Even at this stage of my pre-painted figure collection reviews, I'm still looking at mostly budget-friendly bishoujo figures. Unfortunately, this won't be changing in the short-term. But going forward I plan to eventually add more mid-tier pre-painted figures as well as upper-tier painted scale figures to my unboxing/review repertoire. The addition of mid-tier figurines to the market as well as rapidly improving prize figures is fast closing the gap to the upper-tier scale figures. However the latter still has the best quality, on average, that a collector can hope for. 

 Well at the very least there is some good news for those of you who actually prefer posts on scale model kit projects. I'll be starting on a Real Grade Evangelion plastic model kit project, specifically the EVA Unit-08 that is piloted by non other than Mari Makinami Illustrious. I have been wanting to do projects closely related to equivalent bishoujo figures so what better time to start than next week. Until then, thank you for reading this post. Have a good weekend, be well, and be happy!

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  1. Both models are lovely, but I'm looking forward to that EVA 8!!

    1. Thanks ... just unboxed the EVA Unit-08a and should be a fairly quick build after that :)


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