Sunday 26 November 2023

Evangelion Unit-08a [Unboxing & Pre-Assembly Review] - Bandai Real Grade Plastic Model Kit

 Due to time constraints arising from attempts to generate more content on my YouTube Channel FourEyedMonster Miniatures, this will be the last photo/text-based unboxing post I'll upload to my blog. Instead, any future 'Unboxing and Pre-Assembly' related content will be done via video only. Anyway, the following is a detailed and closeup look at the sprues and runners included in the Bandai Spirits Real Grade Evangelion Unit-08a plastic model kit.

Bandai Spirits Real Grade Evangelion Unit-08a (front view of the box art)

Bandai Spirits Real Grade Evangelion Unit-08a (first side view of the box art)

Bandai Spirits Real Grade Evangelion Unit-08a (second side view of the box art)

More side box art, this time a closeup image of the Evangelion Unit-08a

Instruction booklet (view of the back and front cover)

 Real Grade model kits are more complicated than regular ones so it's no surprise that there were so many sprues and runners included with the kit. Having the parts on these sprues/runners molded in a myriad of colors allows for a color accurate EVA Unit to be assembled from scratch without worrying about having to paint the parts. However, if the parts look too plasticky or toy-like, then they will still need to be painted so that the final build will look good.

Runner/Sprue A: Light pink parts for the heel, ankle, shin, and leg

Runner/Sprue B1: Light pink parts for the shoulder, arms, body, leg, etc.

Runner/Sprue B2: Yellow parts for the shoulder and arms

Runner/Sprue C: Black/dark gray parts for the inner frame, palette knife, etc.

Runner/Sprue D: Black/dark gray parts for the inner frame

Runner/Sprue E: White parts for armor on the arms

 Thankfully, the finish quality of parts that make up the Evangelion Unit-08a model kit is pretty decent on the whole. And because the colored parts that make up the majority of the EVA Unit's color scheme  i.e. the ones in pink and white have a nice matte finish to them, I don't intend to repaint any of the other parts as any plasticky or toy-like sections will be kept to an acceptable minimum.

Runner/Sprue F1: Dark red parts for the shoulder, back, and power plug

Runner/Sprue G1: White parts for the armor around the abdominal area, and knees

Runner/Sprue H1: Yellow parts for the knuckles

Runner/Sprue H2: Dark green parts for the feet and spine

Runner/Sprue I1: Dark brown parts for the neck, clavicle, and ammo belt for the 209mm Assault Rifle

Runner/Sprue I2: Yellow parts for the feet and knees

 While I don't intend to repaint the armor, I still plan to do some top-coating if need be if the plasticky sheen of the non-pink and non-white parts, especially the yellow sections, become too jarring to the eye. Ideally I should paint such parts, but for now I don't plan to. 

Runner/Sprue J: Multi-colored parts with dark gray/green for the 209mm Assault Rifle for the heel, ankle, shin, and leg; and light grays for the hands

Runner/Sprue K: Silver parts mainly for the umbilical power cord, and gun barrel

Runner/Sprue L: Clear red parts for the core organ, and forehead

Runner/Sprue N: Multi-colored parts with yellow for the shoulder fins and chest; and black/dark gray for the shoulder pylons, arms, chest, upper body, etc.

Runner/Sprue O: Multi-colored parts with green/reds for the shoulder patch; and light pink for the chest body armor, shoulder pylons, and knee

Runner/Sprue R2: Dark pink parts for the crotch area

 And although this scale model kit provides sticker decals and foil stickers to apply onto the EVA Unit-08a build, I plan to only use the latter and not the former. I have already bought some third-party water decals to replace the sticker decals. Those of you who have been following my Gunpla builds would know by now how I feel about these stickers. Not only do they look bad most of the time, but they also tend to peel off sometimes. Water decals are infinitely better than sticker decals. However, I will make exceptions for the foil stickers here. Since they have a chrome-like finish, the foil stickers will save me time from having to paint the parts in the metallic paint equivalent.

Runner/Sprue U: Multi-colored parts with light pink for the feet; and pink/whites/purple for the head

Runner/Sprue V: Gray parts with yellow for the sniper rifle

Runner/Sprue W1: Yellow parts for the nape, and yet more knuckles

Runner/Sprue W2: Clear green parts for the eyes

PVC wire for use as the umbilical cord

Sticker decals and foil stickers for use on the model kit

 Below is the YouTube video of the unboxing process as well as the pre-assembly review.

 So what's next? Since there isn't any painting in the works, the next upload should have photos of the completed build of the Evangelion Unit-08a with both the water decals and foil stickers applied as well as some selected top-coating on the yellow parts, which together with red ones tend to look the most plasticky and toy-like in a straight-out-of-the-box build. Well that's it for what is possibly my last 'unboxing blog post' (note: future ones should be uploaded as videos on my YouTube Channel - click on banner immediately below this paragraph to get there). See you back again soon with the completed photos of the EVA Unit-08a either next week or later. Till then, be well and be happy!  

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