Monday, 10 January 2022

No looking back, just ahead

 Usually around this time I would be looking back on the year just past, to determine what projects have been completed so as to showcase images of finished artwork. But with 2021 being what it is, I won't be doing anything of the sort. It'll all be about looking ahead aka my hobby resolutions for 2022. With the wise words of a six-year-old boy (see below) ringing in my head, here's then is my 'plan' ...

 Most importantly, my photography workflow needs an urgent revamp. Another wise but much older person once said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Widely attributed to Einstein, this oft quoted witticism applies itself readily to my attempts at capturing good photos of my work-in-progress and finished miniature/scale model kit projects. Long story short, for years I had inadvertently posted photos with white balance as well as color issues - the worse saw images marred with an ugly green tint. While I had somewhat mitigated this over the past two years, photo quality suffered greatly. The use of software that can process RAW image formats (vs just JPEG) should give me greater white balance and color control without sacrificing image quality. 

 So going forward, I plan to shoot future projects as well as retake photos of past projects - both in the RAW format - and rectify white balance/color issues using Adobe Lightroom (Lr) and Photoshop (Ps). I do so in the hope of properly showcasing the projects as close as to how I see them in real life. Couched in a pseudo-hobby resolution, this means future blog content will alternate between new projects and the re-posting of older ones but this time with more color-accurate images. I'll be using Lr and Ps partly because of their ability to properly interpret the Apple iPhone ProRAW format, partly for the cloud ecosystem they both operate in, and partly for Lr's database management system. 

 And then there are movies of projects that I would like to incorporate as additional blog content. This I plan to do using the Corel video editing software (see above) I had gotten in an online charity bundle. While I would love to use Adobe Premiere Pro instead, adding it to my basic Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan increases the monthly subscription fee significantly. As it is, it had taken close to nine years of hesitation before I finally took the plunge into Adobe's subscription-based model. Baby steps is all I'm willing to take for now as I can't quite justify the extra monthly expense, not yet.   

 As mentioned in an earlier post, my go-to video and photography tools are my old-and-trusted Canon EOS650D and the fairly new iPhone 13 Pro Max. The former will mainly be used for photography and the latter for recording video. But both equipment will switch roles if need be. So the die is cast, and the path ahead is clear. My creative mojo is back and I can't wait to resume painting soon. So I hope to start adding creative content soon. Until next time, dear reader, stay safe and be well.


  1. You can never contradict Calvin & Hobbes, that is the law. So I can only send you my best wishes for 2022. I'm looking forward to seeing your magic with pics!

    1. Ha ha ha ... so true Suber. C&H is the law :)
      Best wishes to you too for 2022!

  2. Good luck for 2022 - looking forward to seeing what you produce :)

    1. Thanks ... good luck you too for 2022!
      Equally looking forward to your projects ahead :)


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