Sunday, 3 October 2021

Girl's Rider - Hasegawa 1/12 scale figurine [Assembly]

 Painting sessions are likely to resume again, sooner than later, thanks to my new folding hobby table. But first I plan to prep and prime one last figurine before I set about putting paint on miniatures. This project is that of Girl's Rider, a 1/12 scale resin figurine from the Hasegawa Real Figure Collection. Previously I had done a quick unboxing and dry fit of the figurine. In fact, I had made some videos of that process but I guess now I'll now only upload them as a "looking back video" at a later date.  

Hasegawa 1/12 scale resin figurine Girl's Rider [work-in-progress: assembly; front view]

Hasegawa 1/12 scale resin figurine Girl's Rider [work-in-progress: assembly; back view]

 During the assembly process, there were only two things of note. Firstly, there were some visible gaps between certain joints after assembly. And because this is a resin model, the glue used (which in this case was a low viscosity cyanoacrylate (aka super glue). Unlike the application of plastic glue on plastic parts which will melt the parts together and in most cases seal the gap at the same time. This does not happen with the super glue. As such, any gaps were filled with putty. Secondly, brass support rods were inserted into the main body and both arms (see below) to allow the figurine to be held without obscuring surfaces that are going to be painted later. 

Girl's Rider figurine: after holes filled with putty and brass support rods inserted (front view)

Girl's Rider figurine: after holes filled with putty and brass support rods inserted (back view)

 Below is a series of photos taken at staggered intervals when the figurine was spun 360 degrees. This view of the main body sans arms clearly shows up the figurine's sensual s-curves, from both the front and back as well as her sides. This is brought about by the figurine's pose i.e. her stance which accentuates the natural arch of her back and the curve back inwards via her rear to her legs.

Main assembled body of the Girl's Rider resin figurine (front view

Just from the main body of the figurine itself, it's fairly visible that ...

... her pose is dynamic with sensual s-curves highlighted by ... 

... stance of one foot forward and the hips tilted slightly to the side

Main assembled body of the Girl's Rider resin figurine (back view)

Sensual s-curves on the figurine are also augmented by ...

... before flowing back towards her thighs and legs

Girl's Rider figurine assembled sans her arms/hands, which will be primed separately

 While there are other ongoing non-figurine projects yet to be prepared-for-paint such as vehicular scale model kits like the Neon Genesis Evangelion EVA 01 unit and the Sturmgeschütz III, these will require a multitude of parts and/or sub-assemblies to be painted before being fully put together. As such, the assembly/prep/priming steps tends to alternate with the painting process. Unlike figurines, vehicular kits rarely get fully assembled and primed prior to the painting process starting.

 So the hobby-wagon is slowly juddering back to a start after a long inertial loop of assembling, prepping and priming. No actual painting yet per se, I admit, but more importantly a significant mental hurdle has been overcome by the creation of a temporary work space via the folding table. My mind is now awash with painting possibilities again. And that's always a good thing. Cheers!


  1. Great looking mini!
    Hope you will find fun from hobby soon :)

  2. Great work Kuan ! Looking forward to see it painted !

  3. She looks gorgeous, I can't wait to see the miniature painted. Good to know you are back to bussiness!

    1. Thank you kindly Suber ... I hope to get started on soon after I finish priming one last figurine.

  4. Ooops, apparently my previous comment got lost :(
    I think this particular mini is going to be a lovely challenge. Good to know you are back into bussiness :)

    1. Nope you first comment went through :) Still thank you for making the effort to post another since you didn't know :)


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