Monday, 20 September 2021

Getting back on track with a folding hobby table

 It's past mid-September and I've yet to do any significant paint work in 2021. So far I've been entangled in an endless loop of assembly, prep, and priming work. Any painting I've done has been trifling busy work comprising color tests and simple base coats. So what went wrong? One word, three syllables ... pandemic. Apart from devastating 'normal' life as we know it and taking away what little free time I had for the hobby, it also resulted in my usual hobby table for one becoming a work-from-home table for two. Having the missus beside me during the work day is the one silver lining in this pandemic, but space for painting via hand-brush/wet palette was compromised, until now ...

All folded up, a folding table for use as a temporary hobby work area

Once opened up, the table has two-tiers: a narrow one stacked above the main area

Each tile on the floor roughly measures 1x1 feet, so the work area is less than 3x2 feet 

 As you would've gathered by now from the photos above, the solution came in the form of a fairly compact folding table. Costing slightly more than RM100 (roughly USD25), this was the cheapest option I could find online to solve my workspace problem. I got it via Shopee, a local online shopping portal. Incidentally it was the first furniture I had bought online which was non-Ikea. For the price, the compact and stable folding table is definitely value for money. But more than that, I hope it pays back above and beyond what it cost by enabling me to resume detailed paint/weathering work.

Here the folding hobby table is stacked up against my dedicated airbrushing space

 While I do retain a small dedicated workspace for airbrushing (see above) that is set apart from my normal hobby work table (now a work-from-home table) due to the issue of toxic chemicals and fumes; that very reason makes it unsuitable for prolonged periods of slow hand brush painting of miniatures. With the acquisition of this folding hobby table, I now no longer have any valid excuse to procrastinate anymore when it comes to finally painting a miniature or scale model kit.

Above is the exact dimensions provided by the online furniture supplier

 This folding hobby table is spacious enough to place the required materials e.g. wet palette, reference images, elbow room for steadying the painting hand, a work-lamp, magnifying lamp (rarely used now), brush cleaning material, water container, etc. etc. And it's also close to the same height as my current work-table which helps. Speaking of the pandemic, there is a bit of a good news for my family in that my son has finally been able to get vaccinated. Thankfully he qualified to receive the Pfizer Biontech jab. The missus and I could only get the Sinovac jabs ourselves. Regardless, please get vaccinated if you haven't done so already. Until next time, stay safe always.


  1. Great table Kuan ! Looking forward to your next project.
    Greetings & stay safe !

    1. Thanks Mario! All I can hope for is better progress on my projects with the addition of a temporary workspace.

  2. Oh, that's a pretty clever solution, I like it. I hope it helps to improve your hobby time.
    Glad to hear about your son. Step by step...

    1. I hope too Suber ... if not then it boils down to pure laziness on my part! ;)

  3. That is a really great painting table, and for $25 it seems like an excellent deal! That sort of thing would be called a "TV tray" here (to help people eat while watching tv) but the second level on top is new to me, and obviously great for a paint station.

    1. It looks really promising in-real-life as a temporary hobby workspace. I hope the table is stable enough for practical use and I will know soon enough when I start using it.


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