Saturday, 4 September 2021

Loki Variant [WIP - Primed for Painting]

 If there is one thing this pandemic has cast over my hobby activities, it's a pall of inertia that has put me on a mind-numbingly looped path comprising just prep and priming work. This is partly due to my hobby worktable being turned into a work-from-home-table to be shared by the missus and I. That impediment should be resolved eventually with a mini folding-worktable that I plan to get online. For now though, all I can effectively do is to prep and prime to my heart's content. So dear reader, please forgive me for yet another boring primed-figurine blog post; this one for Marvel's Loki Variant.

Knight Models Marvel Universe - Loki Variant [work-in-progress: primed]

 As per the norm, a light grey primer coating was applied on the Loki Variant figurine. In most cases I've found that light grey works best for the majority of my projects. Other primer colors I occasionally use are black (for metal paint) and white (for anime figurine skin tones). Prior to the application of the primer coat, the details on the Loki Variant figurine weren't very visible due to the metal's shiny texture. However, with the primer coat on, the figurine's inherent details began to show up.  

Loki Variant (front view) after applying the light gray Tamiya Fine Surface Primer

Loki Variant (back view) after applying the light gray Tamiya Fine Surface Primer

With the application of a light gray primer coat ...

... the inherent details on the Loki Variant metal figurine ...

... becomes much more visible to the naked eye compared with ...

... when the figurine was at its plain metal (i.e. non-primed) stage

 Even from a cursory glance you can already tell that the inherent details of this Marvel Universe Loki figurine is simply excellent. While Loki's clothing texture was brilliantly done, the crowning glory for me is the figurine's facial features. While not exactly Tom Hiddleston, the facial features are very much Loki personified. It's evil, its cocky, its confident, its maniacal, in other words it's so Loki.

Loki Variant (top-down view) after the light gray Tamiya Fine Surface Primer was applied

Nice details on the fur-like clothing texture on the Loki Variant's upper back 

A length of sprue from a different kit was glued onto the throne to help stabilize the base

 Similar to a previous Knight Models figurine I had completed (i.e. Spider-Man), the back of the base had to be propped up with a piece of spare sprue from a different kit. Without this simple piece of sprue, the whole vignette (i.e. figurine plus base) would simply topple over. With it, the vignette's center of gravity stabilizes, and the figurine seated on the throne will not topple over.

As these closeup photos show, the inherent details of the Loki Variant figurine ...

... are simply excellent, everything looks good especially the facial features ...

... which should bode well for the coming painting process to follow

 So with the Loki Variant ready for paint, is my prep-prime-loop destined to be finally broken. Alas dear reader, the answer is not yet. It will take a while for my folding-worktable to arrive so there might be another one or two prep/priming posts of other projects before the painting can begin. Meanwhile on the pandemic front, the situation is as dire as it ever was. My country even ranked dead last in the Bloomberg Covid Resilience Score. Worse still, in recent weeks more covidiots are starting to surface with numerous people refusing to be vaccinated. Sigh. When will this nightmare ever end.


  1. Great work Kuan ! Looking forward to see it painted and the other projects.

    1. Me too ... I hope to get started with painting again finally after I solve my current pandemic workspace problem.

  2. Well, as you say, the model is so... Loki! It's going to be fabulous.
    I hope the covid things go better! All the best!


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