Sunday, 17 November 2019

MG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.3.0 [WIP: Waist Unit]

Most colorful section of the R-78-2 Gundam Lower Body is perhaps a term I could assign to the Waist Unit that has been completed here. But that's perhaps pushing it a bit seeing that the only extra splash of color the Waist Unit has over the other components of the Lower Body is the bright yellow on four armor panels around it. Both feet, if you remember, do indeed have a large amount of red hue. Regardless, as it stands, the last piece of the Lower Body puzzle is now complete.

Master Grade RX-78-2 Gundam Version 3.0 Work-in-Progress: Waist Unit

A quick analysis shows the Waist Unit puzzle as having the most amount pieces that need to be assembled when compared to other components of the Lower Body (i.e. versus an individual leg, ankle or foot). However things aren't as complicated as they would seem. Upon closer inspection, you would find that four big sections of the Waist Unit comprises identical pieces that differ only in terms of orientation. This reduces the actual complexity of the build. Instead what it does is just draw the assembly (as well as the earlier painting) process out a bit more. Tedious but manageable.   

Numerous painted parts of the Waist Unit before assembly; some decaled, some not

When laid all out on the hobby mat, the numerous tiny pieces of the Waist Unit can seem a bit daunting. But as with the painting process, slowly but surely, the assembly was completed without a hitch. The only frustration, if you could call it that, was having to place sticker decals in the right place at (almost) the first try. My clumsy fingers made that part more of a pain than it should've been.

So many parts that it almost blows my mind, almost as there is a pattern to this chaos ...
... there are actually "four-plus-two" almost equal sections that surround an inner core of the waist ...
... at this stage of the assembly process the "four-plus-two" sections that I mentioned becomes clear ...
... the Waist Unit is finally near completion with only the final sticker decals left to be applied ...
... sticker decals that due to their shape can only be applied post-assembly.

Not all the sticker decals could be placed onto the Waist Unit prior to assembly. Such was the way the decal was shaped that a few pieces could only be placed onto the Waist Unit post-assembly. Luckily for me things went rather well and no major FUBARs like the torso decal occurred this time.

Waist Unit of the RX-78-2 Gundam painted, decaled and assembled
That tiny yellow chevron in a sea of red is actually a separate part by itself
All six pieces of skirt armor surrounding the Waist Unit have some freedom of movement
Having all six skirt armor pieces able to move will allow the legs, when attached, a high degree of poseability
As much as I dislike sticker decals, they admittedly make the Waist Unit look much cooler
Back of the Waist Unit differs from the front only in the groin area
In addition to paint and decals, the Waist Unit also received some panel lining
Side view of the Waist Unit is a pretty boring one
As to why it's so I don't know but the red groin area (the one with the chevron) is movable as well

From above and below, the metallic innards of the Waist Unit become highly visible. Upon attachment to the torso and legs respectively I do not expect the metallic innards to be very visible at all. But as I've often repeated ad nauseam ... just because you won't see something in the final build doesn't mean I won't paint it. I can't afford not to. My hobby OCD insists that I paint everything. Well, almost everything. There are some really hidden spots that I can now let go of. Only just.

View of the Waist Unit from above showing the pegs that will attached to the body's core section
Inner sides of the Waist Unit skirt armors were painted with a metallic hue

So the bits and pieces that make up Grandpa Gundam's Lower Body is now ready to transition from their sub-assembly form into the final build. I'm pretty excited to see how the Lower Body will look when the photos are finally taken. This week I'll end my blog post without any quotes. I'm just glad I could even finish writing the blog post and upload before the week was over. And with that I thank you for taking the time to read my post on the RX-78-2 Gundam project so far. Cheers!


  1. Fantastic work Kuan ! Love the colors & level of detail !

    1. Thank you Mario ... this kit is very detail-orientated!

  2. Wow, look at the detail of this piece, the decals make a whole lot of a differences here. Almost there ...

    1. Yep ... almost, not quite, but almost. The decals definitely help make things look better, I agree.

  3. As previous posts, this is mindblowing. Wonderful work, seriously.

    1. Many, many thanks Suber! The kit design takes most of the credit. I'm giving myself a pat on the back solely for having the patience to paint the many pieces ... lol ... :)


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