Thursday, 10 October 2013

Knight Models Zombie Girl [WIP - All but the dress]

Yet more progress has been made with the Knight Models Zombie Girl with work done on her hair, teddy bear, socks and shoes. While reasonably satisfied with how her eyes turned out, I might still make some changes depending on how they look when her dress has been painted. One thing I am contemplating is to paint a light greyish pupil on the cloudy white irises. But I am a bit hesitant to do so because it might dial down the creepiness factor of her eyes. Moreover, a quick test run using the Windows Paint program was not too encouraging in that a greyish pupil made the eyes look comical.

Knight Models Zombie Girl - work-in-progress on her face, hair and eyes

As alluded to in the previous post, the Zombie Girl's hair has been painted blonde. I felt it to be more in sync with pale and fair skin tone that I was going for. Hopefully, the blonde hair will also combine well with the pastel coloured dress that I have planned for her. 

Blonde zombies have more fun and eat more brains

My version of the Knight Models Zombie Girl is based on a zombie child seen early on in Season One of The Walking Dead. The main difference is in the eyes whereby my version lacks pupils.

I want my mommy ... her brains that is

Her teddy bear was painted in the traditional colour of brown. I tried my best to create a furry soft toy look and in line with the horror theme I added a rivulet of blood running down teddy's front. As for the teddy bear's back, I painted stained blood as if the girl had been hugging it close to her face.

Teddy bear in the Zombie Girl's grip
Back view of the blood stained teddy bear

Unfortunately I messed up her socks by not clearly painting out the fabric lines you usually see in white wool socks. I only managed a hint of this which is just not good enough. I will have to touch up the socks and hopefully add some depth to the white socks. Anyway, below are some work-in-progress picture of the Knight Models Zombie Girl so far.

Knight Models Zombie Girl - All but the dress
Work-in-progress Zombie Girl - angled side view (right)
Work-in-progress Zombie Girl - angled side view (left)
Back view of the work-in-progress Zombie Girl

Coincidentally, the Walking Dead series resumes this weekend in the US and a week later here where I am at, and I am really looking forward to Season Four. Next up will be photos of the completed Knight Models Zombie Girl so please stay tuned for the early Halloween treat.    


  1. A very horrific mini ^^ Very good job !!

    Will you use the X-27 Clear Red from Tamiya for the blood ? It's a vey magic colour for it ^^

    1. Thanks ... I am hoping it will look much better with the dress completed. ^^

      I am not familiar with the X-27 Clear Red from Tamiya. Is it suitable to stimulate both dried and fresh blood?

    2. Absolutely My Dear !! If you want some fresh blood, use it directly. If you want some old and dried blood, add some devlan mud or black wash. You can see some example on my interior warhound titan :

      It's a very magic gore colour for me ^^


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