Friday, 25 October 2013

Debonair Tony atop lazy Susan (in my first video)

After searching for what seems an eternity since I first started my journey as a miniature hobbyist, I finally got my hands on a solar powered rotating display stand, or an automated lazy Susan if you will. This hobby accessory allows me to display my painted miniatures in their full 360 degree glory thus enabling me to post videos of my miniature collection, either completed or work-in-progress.   

Pepper Potts wasn't too amused with the play of words in my blog post title

On a  shopping trip to a local IT mall, I chanced upon a shop selling collectible anime and sci-fi/fantasy figures (the painted kind) which happened to also sell the solar display stand. Although it was selling for a rather pricey RM28 (about US$9), especially considering it was unbranded, I got it anyway as I had been looking everywhere else for it without success.

It was unbranded and a tad overpriced I feel
Solar powered rotating display stand (unboxed)

I don't intend to replace the photographs that I normally put up in my blog posts. That means any videos that I manage to record will be complementary to what I have been doing.

Tony Stark aka Iron Man atop a solar display stand

So where is my first video you ask? Well you can check it out by clicking the play button below. It is also my first ever uploaded video. I guess I am being dragged kicking and screaming to the age of social media. Despite being a tech enthusiast since the days of Apple IIe and Sinclair Spectrum, I have largely resisted social media except for blogger. I don't really use Facebook or Tweeter (oh the horror) but I have started on the former at least. And YouTube was just something I watched rather than participated in. But I guess resistance is indeed futile.  

Well I guess the days of 'Skynet' are approaching us. For now, hope you enjoy my little video above.


  1. what is the name of the shop? is it in KL?
    I am looking for a rotary displays stand for my model kit. TQ.

    1. It's a shop in LowYat Plaza in KL if I recall correctly. I am sorry but I can't remember the shop's name but the shop was the only one (at least I think it's the only one) that sold collectible action figures.


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