Monday, 30 September 2013

Lannister Warhorse needs plus one for a tourney

Notwithstanding some nervous moments in what was my first significant attempt at painting a freehand design, I have largely come through the experience relatively unscathed. Fortunately none of the four heraldry designs of House Lannister's lion was messed up beyond recognition. Though not perfect, all four heraldry designs are, at the very least, still fairly similar to and recognisable as the lions you would usually see on a coat of arms in medieval times.  

Lannister Warhorse, hear me ... neigh?

More work was done on the warhorse in the way of highlights. So the cloth had the brightest red in my arsenal painted on the edges; the warhorse's tail got some grey highlights; while warhorse itself and it's leather straps received GW Bestial Brown and Snakebite Leather highlights respectively.

More highlighting work was done on the red cloth, leather straps and horse

Incidentally, this was also the first horse I ever painted. But I guess it doesn't really count as most of the warhorse is covered with armour and cloth.

Front (left) and back (right) views of the Lannister Warhorse

Now all that the warhorse needs is a knight to ride him to a jousting tournament. However, work hasn't really started with the Lannister Knight. As you can see below, to date most of him is just white undercoat. From the looks of it, there might be space for another three to four heraldry designs.

A Lannister Knight to be

I hope the knight will be as fun to paint as the warhorse has been. If I can do a good job with the Lannister Knight, it will give me the boost I need to go on and complete a further seven knights from the various other Houses found in the Game of Thrones realm. This project might seem a tad too ambitious for a painter of my skill level but by doing it I I hope to get better at painting freehand. 


  1. Nicely done bro! Your horse looks great. And the heraldry looks sweet.
    You really must join our Legio Army Throwdown (Fantasy) event ;). That way we can have a game later on.

    1. Believe it or not, that was actually one Legio event I was planning to attend. Initially I was thinking of getting a Bretonnia set from Alvin and starting a medieval army but circumstances are such that I don't have the budget for a miniature army at the moment. Sigh.

    2. Why don't you join with what you have for now..Brettonian has a low model count by the way.

    3. I only have one set of Bretonnian Knights for a total of 8 miniatures, hardly sufficient for a Throwdown. =) Anyways, I have decided to put higher than normal hours into painting these Knights because the freehand designs are going to be tough to do.


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