Thursday, 26 September 2013

Early days of a Lannister Warhorse

Progress on my Game of Thrones Lannister Knight project is still at the very early stages with work primarily concentrated on preparing the canvas for my first serious attempt at painting a complicated freehand design on miniature. With the shield-like emblem measuring just 12 mm by 15 mm, I was first tempted to just use a decal for the heraldry. However, I couldn't find any suitable ones hence my hand was forced and it was either abandon the project or suck it up and try some freehand painting.

Freehand painting of the House of Lannister heraldry

Before making the freehand attempt, I had practised drawing and painting the heraldry for House Lannister on a piece of paper in order to try and build some muscle memory into my hands. Having completed one of the four freehand heraldry designs on the warhorse so far, I must say it is turning out better than I could have ever hoped for. Taking into account, the scale and the unevenness of the 'miniature canvas' involved, I am quite content with the results so far.

Programming muscle memory into my hands with some doodling practice

As for the rest of the warhorse, more work needs to be done especially in the highlights department. That is something I will be tweaking as I go along but most of my effort will go into painting the freehand heraldry designs because if I mess those up, it won't matter one bit how the rest of the warhorse is painted. It also serves as an excuse to get in some badly needed freehand practice.

One Lannister heraldry down ... three to go
Work on the rest of the warhorse still in need of fine-tuning

If all goes well, I should complete the Lannister Warhorse soon before starting work on the knight proper. Thanks for checking out my progress on the Game of Thrones Lannister Knight. Stay safe!


  1. Nicely done dude. And I know from experience that yellow is not an easy color to paint and get a nice finish so really well done. Looking forward to seeing this done. Forgive me for being a doofus but what model range is that?

    1. Thanks! The warhorse comes from the Warhammer Knights Errant / Knights of the Realm miniatures. I only knew of the Deus Vult cavalry miniatures, which have more dynamic poses, from your blog after I had bought the GW ones.

  2. Much Respect.. Keep it going bro


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