Monday, 9 September 2013

Ax Faction Jotnar's Bane [WIP - Troll Head]

Work on my Ax Faction project begins with the completion of the Jotnar's Bane base which is a dead Troll's head. With the general folklore stating that trolls turn into stone either when dead or when exposed to sunlight, it was a no-brainer to paint the troll head to mimic a rocky/stone formation. For me, the moss on the head is more of an indication that this is a forest troll rather than to suggest the troll has been dead for a long time. I took this approach as I wanted to depict a troll that had just died.

Troll's head that serves as the base for Jotnar's Bane (Ax Faction)
Green moss is an indication that this is a forest troll
Troll head (side view, left)

Portraying a troll that has just been killed by a hunter allowed me to add some variety to the troll head's colour scheme. If you look closely, you will notice that the troll's eyes, teeth and tongue have been painted with muted colours to show as if they are in the process of turning into stone. For the troll's eyes, I added a further dimension by painting them (or trying to anyway) to look cloudy ... kind of like how eyes would look on a dead zombie i.e. accelerated decomposition prior to petrification.

Troll head (side view, right)
Muted colours of eyes, teeth and tongue depict troll is in the midst of turning to stone
Top view of the troll's head

Completion of the base leaves me with just the troll hunter herself to paint. Hopefully I can get most of the job done before the week is over and post up some pictures by the next post.

Jotnar's bane aka the Troll Hunter ... primed and ready for paint

As always, thanks for reading. Till the next update, may you be well and happy. 

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