Monday, 19 August 2013

Nocturna Models Freya [WIP - Clothes]

From the very beginning, I had envisioned Freya clothed in varying shades of green. With her skirt likely to be made from flimsier materials, it made sense to paint that in the lightest shade of green. That left her vest and left arm covering which I painted in a darker shade of green to both stimulate a tougher material as well as to provide some colour contrast vis-à-vis the skirt.

Nocturna Models Freya with most of her clothes painted

Freya's skirt was extremely fun (and easy) to paint due largely to the wonderfully detailed sculpture of the skirt, not unlike her cloak. Freya's vest and arm covering also had enough folds and creases sculpted in to make painting the highlights a rather easy task. 

Right side of Freya's vest did not have much highlights as it will be covered by her arm
Much more highlights on the left side of Freya's vest and arm covering

If you have been following my work-in-progress (WIP) posts on Freya, you would have noticed her cloak was painted in a purple/lavender colour. Although I had considered painting Freya's cloak in yet another shade of green to complement her clothes, I was worried it would turn out to be a boring colour scheme. So to stir things up a bit, I went for the purple/lavender cloak. As mother nature has an abundance of purple/green combos, especially in flora, there isn't much risk of a colour clash.  

Mother nature's purple and green combo
More of nature's purple/green combo

Freya's cloak is of a darker shade which played off her light green skirt well, but not so much against her dark green vest and arm covering.  But all in all, I was still happy with the end result. For want of a better description, her purple/lavender cloak gives her some class while her green clothes provides some 'freshness' to her look ... to me at least.

Freya's purple/lavender and green combo

Work continues on Freya and more WIP shots will be coming soon, so stay tuned. Hope you have a good start to the week and as always stay well and happy!

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