Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Nocturna Models Freya [WIP - Cloak]

To get my up-sized miniatures project off the ground, I started working on Freya, the Nocturna Models 54-mm resin miniature. Painting a figure with so much detail can be daunting for a painter of my limited experience, so I decided to take things slow (think baby steps) and start by painting Freya's cloak. Early on, I noticed that the highly detailed cloak made painting it easier. The well sculpted folds and ripples in the cloak made determining the shadow and highlight areas a breeze.

Nocturna Models Freya Cloak (back view)
Nocturna Models Freya Cloak (front view)

Stuck between a green and purple colour scheme, I finally chose the latter as it seemed to provide Freya with a more sophisticated and classy look to her. It truly suits the way she is depicted in the sculpture i.e. sauntering in a deadly manner. To complement her cloak, I will most likely paint her skirt and top in various shades of green while going bronze/brown for her armour. 

These heels were made for walking all over you ...
Shadows consisted of a mixture of black and the basecoat colour
Cloak was highly reflective from this angle
Top view of the back of Freya's cloak

Next up for Freya is her skin and face. I am really loving the 54 mm format (1:32 scale). Details details details is what a miniature painter dreams of, and Freya has plenty of those.

As I was painting Freya's cloak, the song that kept going on and on in my head was Matchbox 20's 'She's So Mean'. One particular line in the lyrics seems rather apt ... 'She'll turn the knife into your back and then she's calling you baby'. Loved the music video although it's a bit predictable.

Well, I have got off to a good start with Freya as this is the best result I have ever achieved with cloth. Here's to getting another 'improved paint job' milestone when I paint Freya's skin tone, face and eyes.

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