Sunday, 11 August 2013

An awesomely humongous lamp and a funny duo

While window shopping at a local shopping mall with the missus, I came across a miniature painter's dream lighting equipment ... at least for me anyway. Located at a restaurant was the biggest lamp I had ever come across. It was at least 6-feet high. If I had this baby at home, there would no longer be any nook nor cranny in a miniature that can be obscured by shadows while painting. ^^   

People seated next to the lamp gives a sense of how big the lamp is
Super-sized lamp up close and personal

But on second thoughts, it might get a tad too hot under the lamp. Ah well, you can't win 'em all. Still, it would be an awesomely wicked lamp to have in my paint workstation.

Also recently, a fellow blogger Paradoxons posted a YouTube video of an old comedy routine by Bill Cosby which had the missus and I laughing our heads off, especially the bits on parenting. It just so happens that I recently saw a fantastic musical comedic duo Flight of the Conchords and decided to post a part of their comedic routine below. Your owe it to yourself to check out their whole show as the 'Jenny' routine is only a part of their whole show on HBO.

Thanks for checking out my blog and have a good weekend!


  1. Try Ace hardware. Got something like that for my wife for around RM50+

    1. How big was the lamp at Ace? This baby was at least 6-feet! :)

  2. Estimated 3 feet plus arm length only. It's a desk model. Didn't see your length measurement earlier XD


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