Monday, 22 July 2013

Kingdom Death Pinup Savior [WIP - Clothes and Shoes]

For the Kingdom Death Pinup Savior's clothes, I decided to paint a blueish-grey colour scheme with a checkered pattern for her skirt. Initially, I wanted to go with a red colour scheme but after painting so many Word Bearers, I felt I needed to mix it up a little. It was a toss up between green and the colours you see below. I did, however, manage to incorporate some green into the checkered design.

Checkered skirt design for the Pinup Savior was actually inspired by Scottish kilt designs
Natural flare of the skirt helps accentuate the skirt's design
For the checkered skirt design, the vertical lines were not as pronounced as the horizontal lines
Bird eye's view of the front of the Pinup Savior's skirt
Bird eye's view of the back of the Pinup Savior's skirt
Some concept work prior to actual painting of the Pinup Savior's clothes

Final results of the checkered skirt were not as detailed as I initially envisioned. Painting the design was more difficult than I had anticipated which meant less lines were painted on the Pinup Savior's skirt. Ideally, the final results should have mimicked my concept art (see above) but I decided to quit while I was ahead before the whole skirt became a jumbled mess of paint splatter. But with every miniature that I attempt to paint comes a better grasp of what is needed to improve for future minis.   

Can you spot her big toe sticking out of a leather shoe?

Meanwhile, the Pinup Savior's boots were given brownish-ochre colours to stimulate treated leather. Having her big toe pushing out of one of the leather shoes was a nice sculpting touch. I tried my best to do justice to that little bit of detail. Below are some other shots of the work-in-progress Pinup Savior. Her sword (not shown in the photos), staff, hair and base remains unpainted.

Normal front view of the work-in-progress Kingdom Death Pinp Savior
Existing clothes colour scheme is screaming for a blonde hairdo
Metallic designs on her belt hints at a gothic attire
Her unpainted hair reminds me of the silver hair of Daenerys, a Game of Thrones character

Next up for the Kingdom Death Pinup Savior will be her hair. I am currently leaning towards her having a blonde look as gold/yellow goes well with blue. More progress pictures soon ... hopefully!


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