Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Kingdom Death Pinup Savior [sans cloak]

Excluding the Pinup Savior's peacock feathered cloak, painting on my second Kingdom Death miniature is essentially complete. It was a joy to paint the Pinup Savior's hair because it was wonderfully sculpted to the extent that individual strands were visible. I went with a dirty blond hair look as I felt it was better suited to the overall colour scheme of the miniature. Additionally, her sword scabbard was painted up to match her vest while the staff had a very simple object source lighting (OSL) effect from the lamp attached to it. Other work comprised her "scarf" and necklace.     

Kingdom Death Pinup Savior sans cloak
OSL effect of the lamp on her staff was kept to an absolute minimum
Sword scabbard was painted in a similar colour to the Pinup Savior's clothes
Staff was painted grey as I felt it was a better fit to the overall colour scheme
Where possible, I painted each individual strand of the Pinup Savior's hair
Hair on the Pinup Savior was beautifully sculpted, in my opinion
From the side, you can see she is leaning slightly backwards, likely due to the absent cloak's weight
A nice angle that accentuates the Pinup Savior's curves

Painting the two Kingdom Death miniatures has given me the confidence to tackle more miniatures of a similar nature. While I am generally pleased with the Pinup Savior's final paint job, there is definitely room for improvement especially on the skin tone transition from shadows to highlights as well as on the eyes. With more minis in the pipeline, there will be ample opportunities to practise.

And then there were two - Pinup White Speaker (left), Pinup Savior (right)

One reason for not painting the Pinup Savior's cloak was the time and effort that it would have required. With the amount of detail in the cloak (see below), it would have taken me a very long time to finish painting. When my brush control improves to a higher level, I might consider painting the cloak. But for now I am happy with the Pinup Savior without her cloak.

Very detailed cloak showing peacock feathers

Originally, the Kingdom Death Pinup Savior was depicted as a redhead in brown-red garments. Although I do like the original colour scheme, I decided to mix it up a little by going blonde/blue.

Pinup Savior in her original brown-red colour scheme; notice her peacock feathered cloak on her back

Without a doubt, I need loads more practice before I can paint better skin tones and eyes. One thing I could try is to strike better balance between thinning a paint versus the resulting chalkiness that arises from being diluted with too much water. Some added flow improver/enhancer could be the solution. Certainly wouldn't hurt for me to try it out in my next miniature. Till the next post, thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks so much for the kind words! :)

  2. Ireaaly love your job on the skin and the kilt !! ^^

    I think that Kingdom Death minis are made only for good painters... "and you worth it" (like the advertise ^^) !!

    1. Thank you Morikun! ^^ I sincerely don't feel that I am a good painter yet but I want to be. Since I started the hobby so late I am painting as frequently as I can to catch up and hopefully improve to become a painter that can inspire others one day as other painters are inspiring me now with their excellent work.


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