Monday, 8 July 2013

Bling-bling for my Word Bearers

In what will most likely be my first and only (seeing how relatively expensive they are) ostentatious accessory for my Chaos Space Marines squad, I finally glued on the Word Bearers shoulder pads on the miniatures. I had gotten these babies quite a while back but only gotten to utilisng them recently.

Shiny and proud
All for the sake of authenticity in my Word Bearers army

Even after a couple of years in the hobby, I still found assembling the Chaos Space Marines a challenge. While the many separate pieces that goes into the assembly of one marine allows for very dynamic poses, it can get a little difficult (for me at least) to get the pieces fitting perfectly without any gaps or wrongly angled position of the arms. This was especially so for marines holding a bolter. All parts have been glued on except for the heads which were dry-fitted with blu-tack.

While I liked the icon-bearer's pose, in hindsight, the aspiring champion (2nd from right) looks like a disco pose (sigh)
Can you spot the Chaos Space Marine who is grasping air rather than the bolter grip?

Despite my "inner-noobness" getting the better of me at times (if you look at the photos above closely, you can easily spot some mistakes I made), I still enjoyed putting the miniatures together. Assembling sometimes can be just as fun as painting ... well almost as fun. I undoubtedly made things worse by using Super Glue instead of Plastic Glue, but it's a hard personal habit to break. I am so used to Super Glue than I rarely use Plastic Glue, if at all. Until next time, thanks for reading!  


  1. I love those shoulder pads. I think they may be the best ones produced by GW. Better, they're insidious. I had given away a battle company's-worth to a buddy years ago, and yet I still find some hidden in my collection every once in a while. It's like the Chaos gods are trying to tell me something...

    1. Yep the shoulder pads are kinda nice. It's of great help to someone like me who has yet to really attempt painting freehand.

  2. can't go wrong with the shoulder pads dude

    1. Certainly beats the shiny decals! =)


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