Sunday, 24 March 2013

Word Bearers Anointed [Completed]

After a lot of procrastinating, I finally managed to complete my Anointed squad. I was generally pleased with how they turned out even though they can be improved on further. I am just glad to get them done and move on to other miniatures in my Chaos army.

It never pays to ignore the Word of Lorgar
Pride of Guilliman ... or not

Generally, I took longer with the final two Anointed as they had more details to paint. For example the trophies of war mounted on the spikes were more elaborate and the unmasked Anointed had flesh tones as well as a loin cloth which I wanted to spend as much time on as I could to avoid them coming out looking ... well ...bad. I hope I managed that at least.

Final two Anointed to complete my squad of five
Flesh tones came out a tad too healthy-looking with too much Ogryn Flesh wash added to the Dheneb Stone basecoat
Nice side view of the Ultramine head on a spike as well as a bag containing the warrior's Kahonas
Loved painting the skull icon ... it never gets old for me to do that
Less details than the unmasked Anointed but more details on the trophy spikes
Ogryn Flesh kinda does a good job at simulating rust on the blade
Can you feel the energy being pumped into the power maul?
There is no "I" in Team Lorgar

To prevent too much dust from settling on the miniatures, I placed them in a display case I got from your local Daisho shop. Got the display cabinet more than a year ago but never got around to using them till now. Was reminded of them when I saw them being used by a fellow blogger LordAK. They cost more than the regular RM5 as it is with most items in a Daisho shop ... around RM10 to RM20 me thinks, don't really remember. Need to get more as the IKEA display cabinet doesn't really keep dust away, not that I expected it to.

A Word Bearers cultist and Anointed squad in a stasis chamber
Stasis field engaged

So that's it then. Might start working on the Dark Apostle now or Cyrene Valantion or ... hmmm ... I guess I should do up a schedule to better plan my time, a 2Q 2013 hobby guidance if you will. Till my next post, thanks for reading and any comments are most welcome.


  1. Nicely done. Though you need to get them out of the statis field and on the gaming tables pronto bro ;)

    1. Yah ... I must paint faster though. Unfortunately, my exhortations to the Gods of Chaos for faster and better painting skills have not been fulfilled.

      I have an ambitious plan to finish my Black Legion and Word Bearers army in just one quarter i.e. 2Q 2013. But you know what they say about the best laid plans. =)

  2. You definitely got the talent and skills dude. You just need to game more.

  3. Thanks Vuel ... that's really nice of you to say.

    Yes I agree I need to game period. I will be embarking on a crazy ambitious 2Q 2013 - Getting My Army Done Schedule - to get my initial chaos army done up once and for all. No more pussyfooting about for me. As a certain author of the Bro Code always says of an imaginary dare ... Challenge Accepted! ^^


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