Sunday, 9 September 2012

Lelith Hesperax (Alternate Version)

Painting Lelith as a practise run - before I attempt the various Kingdom Death miniatures that I have - has thought me several valuable lessons which I will need to take heed of, or I will end up with the less than satisfactory results (an understatement I know) as shown below.

Lelith Hesperax, Alternate Version (Front View)
Lelith Hesperax, Alternate Version (Back View)

I made a number of mistakes which were compounded by further rookie FUBARs along the way.

Firstly, I am still very inexperienced working with Citadel Finecast. This being, by far, the smallest model I have worked with, caused me to be too careful when trying to clean the mould lines, rough surfaces, etc. As I will later know to my dismay, this set up a very weak foundation for the primer. 

Secondly, I decided to prime the model white. Based on my experience so far, white primer doesn't seem to apply as well as a black primer. While choosing white itself was not the issue, applying white primer on a miniature that had not been prepped properly was a recipe for disaster. As shown below, the white primer did not really take properly (not sure if the fact that I had a very old can of paint contributed to the problems) and presented a very rough surface for painting on.

Thirdly, with the primed surface already so rough and uneven, I made it even worse by deciding to cut out some pieces from Lelith's torso armour to make it less Dark Eldarish (noob faceplam). Also, priming white is more for expert painters so as you can see from the final results - there were still some white spots showing after I had finished.

Fourth and final nail in the coffin, I painted this model all through to the wee hours of the morning from about 10 pm to 6 am. Luck would have it, I painted the face at around 4am in the morning when I was dead tired and zombified. I messed up the face really bad and kinda scrapped off the paint and repainted it (I did this twice) before putting up my hands and admitting I had screwed up. So I just touched up stuff the best I could. 

One lesson I have learnt is that patience is paramount when painting miniatures ... when you are losing patience step away from your minis and come back to them later.

Dancing appointment gone wrong ... "Meet more people mom says ... when are you going to find a new husband she nags ... sheesh," grumbles Lilith while out on her date.
Having blonde hair was attracting all the wrong people ... soon Lelith was to dye her hair red.
So long story short ... I messed up. All part of the learning process I suppose.


  1. FEM, its not really mess up, the skin tone looks kinda nice already, but maybe it's lack of contrast? the white shirt thingy take away the attention.

    You can consider throw in some shadow for good measure too =) Use Lilith as a practice piece and try to perfect it before you move on to the other skin tone project^^

    I guess white primer is a common issue, I'm using Vallejo white primer (not the spray type) and hand coat it, it also took me a few (four-five-ish) to cover up the whole model (but some part are missed too =p), I guess to get the best of both world, do like 2 thin spray, wherever the spray can't reach, hand paint it.

    ps: Ah..Lilith have nice cheekbone.

    1. Yeah, the white shirt appeared too 'clean' for a warrior.

  2. Have you tried vallejo airbrush grey primer? I use it exclusively now even for darker models. It's meant to be sprayed on using an airbrush but I've brushed them on and getting good result. A thin was of black and you'll see all those detail lines show up.

    Your Lilith looks hot man. I say keep the white briefs ;) just make them a bit dirtier as Iqbal suggested.

  3. @limp ... yeah, it kinda lacks contrast. I was taking a gamble when painting her blonde, with an elfish skin tone AND a white tank top. If required a much better skilled painter than me, to pull it off but I went for it anyway. Not sure if I dare paint on Lelith's face anymore as I have scrapped off paint twice already and the surface is becoming rougher with each attempt. With my clumsy hand I will most likely accidentally cut off her nose the next time, heh heh. Thinking of getting a few cheap imperial guards and practicing on them ... that or just go mental and start on the KD minis. Thanks for the tips ... much appreciated!!!

    @vuel ... yah, I didn't quite pull the white off. Wanted her to look sexy but the whites made the uneven surface very prominent. =(

    @khairul ... thanks man, you are way too kind. Nothing sexier than white tank top I say =) but I didn't really pull it off. Good idea though. Maybe dirtying it up a bit might soften the jarring edges and make it less of an eyesore. Worth a try.

    @limp and khairul ... where did you guys get the white/grey vallejo primer?

    1. I got my Vallejo (just a few bottle here n there) from the interwebz

  4. Lelith in a pair of slim fit jeans an tank top. I like it very much!

    1. Thanks Lord AK. Currently I am trying to figure out how to 'dirty up' the tank top while still keeping it white in essence.


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