Thursday, 26 January 2012

Midtones done, 'zerkers are assembled and ready for highlights, decals and basing

It being the lunar new year holiday season and having some time-off has allowed me to paint faster than I have ever had before. Hopefully, I can get some momentum going to paint even faster and work on yet more miniatures.
Kill, maim, burn and errr loot?
Finally, after some painfully slow progress, I have gotten the zerkers' midtones done up, got them assembled in some awesome (I gotta find some better adjectives) poses and ready for highlights, decals and basing.
Did more 'How-To' photo montages and am getting a hang of taking better photos.
Midtones done - armour has layer of Red Gore, leather pieces have Bestial Brown added, zerker eyes have Snot Green, and in the previous step gold parts had 1:1:1 mix of three metallic paints
A watered down layer of Red Gore was applied to 'brigthen' up the armour. Having diluted paint to work with allowed me to 'drag' the paint pigments towards the area where I wanted the armour to look brighter (see picture below).
Being a novice painter, end-results were not satisfactory but the idea is roughly there. I expect the highlights to look much better when diluted Blood Red is applied in the next, proper highlights stage).

With midtones completed, the model was assembled in preparation for the next stage.
I'm too sexy for my boots, too sexy for ...
A sweet ride for my zerkers
To maintain the momentum I have going, parts to a Rhino that I plan to use for these zerkers have been taken out and cleaned. Washed it using plain dish soap as I was out of white vinegar, a liquid which Alvin of Glued My Fingers fame recommends.

To a noob like me who has never assembled a vehicle before, the parts in itself look awfully daunting but I am up for the challenge. Now, if only I can pimp it to look like a Mitsubishi Evo X.


  1. Your Khornates look good.

    Trust me, vehicle assembly is much easier than the infantry models. And if you're willing to spend some time in conversion and learn how to utilise plasticards, I'd be willing to guide you in making a Rhino Evo X.

  2. Your csm are starting to take shape. Now base them and send them out to get blooded :)!!!

    And the rhino would be the perfect ride for them!!!

    Good progress. Keep it up :)

  3. It looks like they are coming along nicely. I think with the highlights on there, they should really start to come to life and you'll be happier with how they look.

    From the Warp

  4. Nice to see some progresss on these guys. I'll echo what yuel has said by saying that tanks are easier to assemble and (I find at least) alot easier to paint. Keep it up!

  5. @deathkorps and khairul ... thanks guys =) Feel a bit of relief that I actually progressed this far. Wasn't sure I had it in me. Now I have to keep my fingers crossed that I don't mess up all the hard work so far with botched up highlights.

    @Vuel ... Sounds like a plan for the future. Read a lot about platicards but haven't really seen any in retail shops here so far. Planning to keep first vehicle simple ... currently torn between gluing the back door shut to save time or paint the interior.

    @Ron ... Hopefully I can do a good job of the highlights. Even with a Red Gore layer the miniatures still look kinda dull. Was thinking I may have to do two highlights ... a general Blood Red Layer and an extreme highlight using Blood Red and Bleach Bone.

    @Snake88 ... thanks again for the advice on interior painting/asssmbly on your blog! If you see my Rhino with it's back door glued shut, you will know that I chickened out on painting the interior. =)

  6. Hail fellow heretic.. good progress you have there.. me only manage to paint a rhino and a ... tiny space hulk CAT robot thingy over the course of CNY... (You know, catching up with long lost frens, gamble, relative visit, etc etc)

    (And my mother actually sighed when she saw her only son bring back toys instead of girl friend(s))

    Anyway, CNY=ang pow (extend my hand shamelessly), I'm willing to exchange ang pow with mandarin orange =___,= dun bother to put in money in ang pow, stuff in some sprue will do..kekekeke

    May you and your family be healthy, happy, and prosper in the year of dragon =D

    1. Happy CNY to you and your family too. Gong Xi Fa Chai!

      Next time, bring back girlfriend that likes toys lor! ;)

  7. Oh, ya, FEM, saw your paint scheme formula above, actually you can consider orange or vomit brown for extreme highlight, this two color works well on highlighting red stuff =)


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